People on Facebook ‘Like’ Your Restaurant

When you first set up your Facebook account a few years ago did you ever think you would be making your restaurant one in the near future? As trivial as it may seem, the new social-media marketing phenomenon has created a relationship with consumers and opened a channel of dialogue that was never there before.

Consumers can now ‘like’ and ‘check-in’ to your business’s Facebook page and it is broadcasted to all of their friends’ feeds and publicly displayed on their Facebook walls and profiles. You can also share with those who have ‘liked’ your page, any photos, promotional statuses or public statements via Facebook as a means of public and customer relations. In return for this free advertising by customers, companies are giving special offers to loyal visitors by offering a free appetizer, buy-one-get-one-free promotions, and/or a certain percentages off their entire meal.

In the restaurant industry, it is as important to maintain that public relations inside the restaurant as well as out. Calypso point of sale systems has intelligence software and hardware systems that enable you to notice your restaurant’s weaknesses and strengths by evaluating your efforts for return on investment. Therefore, with this system, your restaurant is capable of over-seeing where your marketing efforts should take place and what deals will benefit your sales when posted on Facebook!

If you are interested in marketing online and on Facebook, check out Calypso’s point-of-sale social integration with their SunDrop Mobile platform. Gain the ability to have your offers and coupons broadcast on Facebook and watch is spread virally. SunDrop can be integrated directly into other software products and includes SMS text message, email and voice in addition to social media communication. Watch this YouTube video to learn all that Calypso’s SunDrop platform has to offer.

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