Want to Redo Your Menu? Just Blame the New Federal Menu Labeling Law

This next year, a new federal law will come into effect that will demand all restaurants will 20 or more locations to keep a calorie count of their meals on their menus and menu boards. So will this mandate affect committed Burger King customers from ordering their usual now that they will have a little bit better knowledge of their calorie-intake.

According to operators of the law, having caloric knowledge will not be detrimental to restaurant sales as long as these businesses keep up-to-date on their restaurants business and menu strategy. For instance, did restaurant- X put themselves in their customers’ shoes, while ordering, when they decided they only wanted two serving sizes for soft drinks? And was that decision based upon getting the most out of their sales?

Experts believe customers these days are going out to eat to because of a particular value a particular restaurant offers to them, for instance menu choices and quality. Restaurants need to strategically emphasize why their choices are worth how ever much they are and a particular value or experience is created while being there to ultimately keep their customers coming.

Calypso is an “open” computer based touch screen service used in restaurants to replace the old cash register. The point of a restaurant making such a change is to help maximize profitability by increasing productivity, controlling expenses and managing loss prevention. This type of control over you restaurant is important when restructuring your menu objectives and goals. Yes, the federal menu labeling law coming into affect will change a lot of ways a costumer looks at a menu, but by restructuring your objectives and quality of service such as that you might be creating a more enjoyable and open environment for your costumers that was not quite there before.

Interested in redoing your menu? Calypso can assist you in setting up your electronic menuboards. Calypso offers business solutions to integrate your point of sales systemaccountingcredit authorization, online ordering, and inventory in a single easy to use interface that makes daily operations a seamless service from start to finish. For more information, contact Calypso today.

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