Open a Yogurt Shop

Opening a yogurt shop is a terrific way to take advantage of the latest health craze while also offering customers a delicious treat. Traditionally, frozen yogurt is considered healthier than ice cream because it is lower in fat and calories. The latest trend, however, is to offer yogurt that contains live cultures which have benefits far beyond simply being healthier. Live cultures, also called probiotics, are healthy bacteria that are necessary for the health of the large intestine. Probiotics can also improve lactose intolerance, boost immunity and help the body absorb vitamins. A yogurt shop is one of the most health-conscious business ideas available today.

Putting a small shop in an outdoor mall nestled between boutiques and coffee shops will bring plenty of foot traffic through your doors. If there is room, put some tables outside so passersby can see your customers enjoying their yogurt. Having a store on a busy street will attract hungry drivers; you could even offer a drive-thru to keep your customers on the go.

Now that all sounds great but what about the equipment needed to weigh and serve the yogurt?  Do you need cash registers and software to run your business?  Calypso  has a complete turn- key package for the frozen yogurt shops.  A yogurt shop POS system must have seamless integration to a POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase.Calypso PSO has a built in QuickBooks integration, kitchen video displays, inventory management, barcode scanning, digital surveillance integration and employee time clock an labor scheduling.  When Calypso’s point-of-sale social integration is used with their SunDrop Mobile platform you gain the ability to have your offers and coupons broadcast on Facebook and watch is spread virally. SunDrop can be integrated directly into other software products and includes SMS text message, email and voice in addition to social media communication.   Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!

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