New Security Standards

Starting January 1, 2012 new security standards  for restaurants and other businesses that capture and store credit and debit card data on their computers went into effect.  Systems that met the standards’ previous version have additional time to make sure they comply. Version 2.0 of the guidelines, developed by the PCI Security Standards Council, doesn’t include major new requirements. Instead, it contains some revisions and clearer guidance for merchants and others who must make sure that security meets the council’s criterion.

The new guidelines deal with security of payment account data as well as payment applications—the computer software that processes, transmits, and/or stores card data electronically, including restaurant point-of-sale systems.  “One of the biggest things that merchants, including restaurants, need to understand is where the cardholder data is on their network,” says  Bob Russo, general manager of the PCI Security Standards Council.  “We are finding that the information is being stored in areas that the business never knew about.” This information is often unprotected and a target for data theft. Experts say fraud resulting from the theft of payment-card data remains a huge problem in America, despite security improvements. Card fraud costs the U.S. card-payments industry $8.6 annually, according to a report by Boston-based research firm Aite Group.

Calypso can make sure you are meeting these new security requirements. Our point of sale systems comply with the version 2.0 of the guidelines. Calypso offers business solutions to integrate your of sales system point, accounting, credit authorization, online ordering, and inventory in a single easy to use interface so you can keep track of where your information and your customer’s information is being stored. For more information, contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100.

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