A Time to Innovate

Lent is a boom for business at seafood restaurants as Catholic customers look for nonmeat options for Friday dining. But for quick-service restaurants with core menu items that are primarily red meats, Lent can be a challenge.  Some quick serves, however, are starting to see the season—between February 22 and April 5 this year—as an opportunity to innovate their menus.

In 1962 McDonald’s fish fillet sandwich started out in Cincinnati-based franchisee  as an alternative for their Catholic customers.  New fish or vegetarian dishes will not only appeal to those who observe Lent, but may also draw new customers to your restaurant.  Some restaurants use Lent as an opportunity to test new dishes that they may keep on the menu, depending on customer response.

You can also use this time to highlight your other menu offerings that may appeal to these Lent observing customers. Salads, stuffed baked potatoes, grill cheese sandwiches may be lesser ordered items on your menu that need to be front and center this season.   Take a minute to look at your menu and see how you can accommodate these customers and possibly add new customers.

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