Focus is the Key to Effective Marketing

The key to any effective marketing program is focus, and local restaurant marketing is no exception. Whether you are a quick serve restaurant or a casual dine in establishment you need to know your brand, customer and area. You need to focus on a targeted geography and a focus on a specific customer target group. No one restaurant can be everything to everyone everywhere.  Examine your menu, location and current customer base and focus in on your target.

Is it young adults looking for a great-tasting late-night bite? Families looking for a wholesome, out-of-home meal? Students looking for nourishment or a snack after class? The business crowd looking for a fast, reliable lunch?  Foodies looking for fresh, locally sourced ingredients? Perhaps your establishment has one or two of these groups. Homing in on your desired customer and their needs will help you find and reach them more easily and tailor your offerings.

Look at your surroundings.  Are you the located in a business center where the crowd comes for lunch?  To expand your base offer a pick up special for them to take home for dinner; even better deliver it to their office at the end of the day. Near a school or university?  Offer free wire fi to bring them in after class.  Near a park where recreational leagues play and practice?  Make sure those parents know you are available for a wholesome meal or team celebration after the game.  You are also a great place for those parents to pick up a meal to take home and share with the entire family.

A focused message is also important. Define the single, simple idea you want your establishment to stand for and ensure all of your marketing messages communicate it. Keep it simple and direct.  It will help you stand out from all the other options out there and make you more memorable. Repetition is the mother of learning.

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