Expand Your Restaurant with Catering

Catering is often an afterthought, but done correctly, can be a huge revenue source for restaurants. You already have loyal customers who love your food, expanding to bring your food to then is often a natural expansion of your restaurant.

Professionals recommend that you keep the two operations, the restaurant and the catering as separate businesses even though they play off each other.   Often the staff is kept separate, food costs are combined and beverage cost is broken down between the two since most products here differ between catering and the restaurant. The key to running these two businesses at the same time is organization and communication.

Your staff needs to know your companies goals are for both the restaurant and the catering and what everyone’s role is in achieving these goals. Once your staff is on the same page you need to make sure you and your catering customer are also on the same page.  You do not want your customer to expect something different than you are prepared to deliver.  Detail on the level of food, beverage and service with all associated costs of the event need to be provided and agreed upon upfront. You may not be able to say yes to every job.  Be honest with your clients and yourself on your company’s capabilities.  You do not want an unhappy client ruining your hard earned repetition.

Communication is the key to marketing a catering business. Start with your regular customers; make sure they know you now offer catering.  Networking with wedding professionals and event planners is always a great idea.  Join local business and professional organizations to help get your name out and keep it out there.  Search for connections such as marketing, administrative and human resource personnel who would typically be responsible for ordering food and utilizing catering services for their offices.

With some hard work, organization and communication you can expand your business and grow a catering business!   If you own a hospitality business and are looking for a point of sale system, contact Calypso today. Whether you need a quality point of sale system or delivery or table service solution Calypso has the knowledge and expertise to find the ideal restaurant software for your business.  Contact us today at 800-771-7100!

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