How to Find a Great Location for Your Frozen Yogurt Shop

Location is one of the toughest and most important aspects of a successful yogurt shop.  You can have the best tasting yogurt with wonderful toppings but if you are not in the right location it will not matter.  Choose a building or space in an area that is easily accessible to customers. The best location would be in a very dense living area with high foot traffic. These areas often have the highest rents.  If the area you are considering is in more of a suburban area then easy parking is a must.  Ideally, your storefront needs to be visible from the road in order to attract customers as they walk or drive by.

Your neighbors are also very important to the success of your frozen yogurt shop.  Outdoor marketplaces, downtown areas and locations that receive heavy foot traffic are a great place to start looking.  Large household chain stores, grocery stores or home improvement stores generate a lot of foot traffic.  Local entertainment such as movie theaters and parks always need some local refreshment venues.  Other eateries are great to have nearby. People finish their food and head over to your yogurt shop for dessert.

While checking out your potential neighbors always keep an eye out for your competitors.  Find out how saturated the area is by performing a web search for frozen yogurt stores in your zip code or city.  If there are other yogurt shops in your region, pay them a visit to find out what types of yogurt products they offer and their pricing. Create a list of the products other stores offer, for example, some stores may have five rotating flavors of self-serve yogurt, while others may offer full-service frozen yogurt, sundaes and ice cream. Look at what makes each competitor stand out or not and develop your own idea to make your store stand out from the rest.

Choose a location with ample counter and display space.  You will need room for seating, freezer space and a commercial kitchen for preparing frozen yogurt and other items.  Outdoor seating area is always a nice plus especially if it is visible from those passing by.  Seeing a family enjoy some together time and a healthy snack is always a draw.  Do not forget to ask the landlord about signage requirements; you need your name to be visible.

Once you have found your ideal location, Calypso has the complete frozen yogurt shop solution for you! Calypso’s turn-key package for the frozen yogurt industry contains everything you need to get started.  Our yogurt shop POS system is easy to use and has seamless integration to a POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!






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