Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is not just for your home.  Spring is also the perfect time for businesses to deep clean their facilities and revitalize the image of their business.

Here are five spring cleaning tips:

  1.  Focus on your facility’s appearance. Check your old patched or caulk lines; do they need to be redone?  Perhaps a quick coat of paint is in order this spring.  Replace burnt out light bulbs, check the direction of your lighting; have fixtures accidently been moved over the year.
  2. Look at your flooring.  Would a deep cleaning help revitalize the tile and carpeting?  A deep cleaning service and help revitalize the area and delay expensive replacement.
  3. Refresh the restrooms.  Even with daily cleaning dirt and bacteria will build up over time. A high pressure, chemical injection washer will effectively remove built up dirt and will sanitize all restroom surfaces and fixtures.
  4. Clean your air conditioning units.  To ensure the best indoor air quality for your customers and employees, you should complete a comprehensive A/C coil cleaning service at least once a year. A/C units that are not properly cleaned can lead to lingering odors, allergies, premature unit failure, and high energy bills. Completing regular A/C coil cleaning removes dirt, grime, and built-up sludge from A/C units to improve IAQ, lower energy bills, and extend the life of air conditioning units.
  5. Go green with spring.  According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 84 percent of adults prefer to do business with a company that uses environmentally-friendly products and practices.

Now that your place is all spick and span how is your menu board?  Does it need a spring cleaning too?  When you have an electronic menuboard from Calypso spring cleaning is a snap. You can easily change prices, specials, promotions and add new items. ElectroMenu ™ has been proven to increase walk-in purchases by 10% or more. You can entice customers to purchase selected menu items by means of a vivid, animated, high resolution display of your food offerings with pricing. Interested in redoing your menu? Contact Calypso today and let us help you spring clean your menu.

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