Summertime Employees Help Build Your Yogurt Shop

While summer is still a few months away, hourly employers who see a spike in summer business know that summer hiring has to start before winter is even over. Snagajob’s recent summer hiring survey showed that hourly employers began summer hiring as early as February. If you have not started it is time to get going.  Frozen yogurt shops always see a sharp increase in sales during the summer and need to be prepared.

An uptick in summer business means the chance for a better bottom line heading into the fall and a way to build loyal customers who will visit your establishment throughout the year. But if you don’t hire seasonal staff that will provide top-rate customer service, then your summer profits and increased customer base are in jeopardy.  You need to focus on customer service and hiring employees who are poised to offer service that will drive repeat business.

As consumers’ expendable income has decreased, the qualifications for what makes a spend “worth it” have become stricter, and customer service is bubbling to the top as a key competitive differentiator. The busy summer months provide the impetus for customers to try someplace new and something new.  With more outdoor evening activity the more desire for that frozen treat.

According to Harris Interactive, 86 percent of people say they’ve stopped doing business with a company after just one bad customer service experience.

Booz & Company found that 82 percent of people say they’re likely to spend more money at stores if they get better service, and 62 percent said they will not purchase from store again if they get bad service.

As an employer you need to hire summer employees who have the attitude and personality to provide great customer service. Relevant skills and experience are not as important with part time help as attitude, personality and the wiliness to support your business goals.

The most reliable way to determine if an applicant will deliver remarkable customer service is to assess for the characteristics that lead to great service as part of the application process. Applicants can look good on paper, and have great interviewing skills, but applications and interviews don’t uncover the core characteristics that drive actions.  Behavioral assessments pose questions that will determine if applicants possess the qualities that lead to stand out customer service.

Ask applicants if they feel that they can provide great customer service, and they will probably say yes. But what is their energy and frustration tolerance level? Are they accommodating to others and dependable? Are they socially outgoing and do they have a positive service attitude? Each of these factors impacts the ability to provide the level of customer service that will set your establishment apart from others.

Once you find the summer hires with the perfect attitude you explain your business goals and make sure they fully understand your cash registers pos equipment.  Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than an employee who cannot ring your sale up quickly and efficiently.  Calypso has easy to use yogurt point of sale systems and café pos systems.  Is your system employee friendly?  Our points of sale software systems are an easy to learn touchscreen interface.  Calypso provides complete turn-key packages for the frozen yogurt industry.  Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 and let our experts get your store pos software system ready for summer.

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