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So you want to open a frozen yogurt shop – what kind of shop a self-serve or full service? We suggest you visit both types of shops before you make your decision.  To help you decide let’s look at the basic differences between the two.

A full serve shop has employees behind a counter taking the customer’s order and then creating the dish for them.  The frozen yogurt machines are on the wall behind the server with the toppings on display in front by the counter for the customer to choose.  You have two or three cup sizes for the customer to select and your employee knows how much to fill each cup. The employee will sprinkle the desired toppings on top.  With this method you do not have a scale to weigh the dish but set prices for cup sizes and toppings.  The only real variable is the consistency between your employees on the amount of yogurt they put in the cup and how heavy handed they are with the toppings.  This type of shop can fit in a smaller location than a self-serve shop.

At a self-serve yogurt shop it is about the customer experience – putting them in control.  A self-serve shop allows the customer to select and pour the flavor then walk around the toppings, selecting what and how much they want.  Depending upon your layout you want at least two registers and at least two areas of toppings.  The layout is very important in a self-serve store as you must be aware of customer traffic patterns. After completing their dish the customer comes to the register to pay. The dish is weighted at the register. You employees are really there to guide the customers through the process and collect their money. There is no individual pricing on the toppings or size – you start with a $.30-.50 per ounce price and weigh the dish to determine the cost.  The toppings are what really makes the difference in the final price of the dish. The self-serve average size 14 ounces and costs $5.46.

The frozen yogurt industry started with full serve shops but the trend has been to self-serve. Sugar Creek Foods International sells frozen yogurt to more than a 1,000 independent frozen yogurt shops across the United States, and not one of the new shops this past year has been a full-service operation, said Bud Gunter, Sugar Creek vice president and partner.

Gunter said customers like the self-service style instead of being served from behind a counter because the patron is in control.

“The novelty is that you can control what you’re making,” Gunter said. “People like to mix it up when it comes to creating their own frozen yogurt dishes.  “We have not served a new single store that is full-service. It’s all been self-service,” Gunter said.

Many feel that self-serve yogurt is a win for everyone. Customers can get exactly what they want and enjoy the rewarding experience of personalizing their own dessert, and the business is burdened with very little work requiring less employees.

Once you have decided between full or quick serve concept, Calypso has point of sale software systems for your business. Calypso has a complete turn- key package for the frozen yogurt shops.  A self-serve yogurt shop POS system must have seamless integration to a POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase. Calypso PSO has a built in QuickBooks integration, kitchen video displays, inventory management, barcode scanning, digital surveillance integration, employee time clock and a labor scheduling module.  Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!

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