Ingredients For Your Yogurt Shop

Congratulations, you have decided to open your own frozen yogurt shop! In April, we discussed what time of machines you need to make your shop a success. Today we will discuss the mixes needed to create that delicious frozen yogurt. There are two main types of mixes – liquid or powder. Both taste great and work well when directions are followed.

The main advantage of using the power mix is the ease of storage. The only requirement is a dry place, no need for storage equipment that requires electricity. Theoretically it is easier to source as the supplier does not have to have frozen distribution capabilities.

One of the main disadvantages of using a powered mix is the need for more ingredients such as skim milk and filtered water. Using powered mix requires an employee to mix the ingredients; the powder, flavoring mix, skim milk and filtered water. This usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes per batch. Consistency may be a problem as different employees may make each batch slightly different leading to a slightly different tasting product.

Liquid mixes arrive ready to use, no adding ingredients just pour mix into the machine. Since it is premixed at the factory you do not have to worry about flavor variations. Nor do you have to worry about sources for skim milk or filtered water. Liquid mixes do require freezer and refrigerated storage to manage inventory.

Often liquid mixes cost less than the dry mix but your sources may be more limited and you will need more equipment, thus requiring more space that storage of dry mixes. Your electric costs will also be greater due to the required equipment. Both options will work; you need to evaluate your storage space, supplier availability and costs to determine which option is best for your frozen yogurt shop. (Next week let’s talk toppings – my favorite involves chocolate.)

Once you decide which mix is you are going to use, you need a POS system so your customers can pay for the delicious yogurt you have prepared for them. Calypso’s turn-key package for the frozen yogurt industry contains everything you need to get started. With integrated scales our yogurt shop POS system is easy for your employees to use. Calypso’s turn-key package uses an easy to learn touchscreen interface with integrated credit card processing. You have the optional tracking of recipes, inventory and ingredients, employee time clock and labor scheduling. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!

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