How to Make Money Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

In today’s economy you need to be prepared if you want to make money opening a frozen yogurt shop or any business for that matter. Here is a basic outline to help you get your venture off to a good start:

  1. Develop a business plan.  Every successful business starts with a plan. Make a formal business plan that includes a description of the yogurt shop, a mission statement, startup costs, operating budget, projected sales goals, and a marketing strategy to meet these goals. If financial backing is needed this is what you will show to potential investors or banks.  Even if you already have the capital to get started you need a business plan.
  2. Develop your own recipe for frozen yogurt or test the mixes available out there for bulk purchase.  The type of mix you use will determine some of your equipment needs and costs. There are two main types of mixes – liquid or powder. Both taste great and work well when directions are followed. Developing your own recipe may help you develop a niche that nobody else has.
  3. Location is vital to your success! Find a location in a pedestrian traffic area with plenty of parking. Easy access is important to your customers. You can have the best product but if no one knows it is there or if it is too hard to access you will not be selling much of it.
  4. Order equipment and supplies for your frozen yogurt shop.  This will include soft-serve yogurt machines, point of sale systems with cash registers and scales, freezers if needed, topping displays, tables and chairs, employee uniforms and signs.
  5. Apply for necessary business permits required by your state and local government.  You will also have to meet all the required local health regulations. Many areas required that you have a certified food handler employed by your establishment.
  6. Advertise! Place ads in local newspapers or radio stations for your yogurt shop’s grand opening. Do not forget signage announcing your opening on your store front.  Get involved in the local community – perhaps donate some of your opening proceeds to a local charity.

When looking to purchase equipment for your new frozen yogurt shop make sure to check out Calypso’s point of sale system. Calypso’s turn-key package for the frozen yogurt industry contains everything you need to get started.  With integrated scales our yogurt shop POS system is easy for your employees to use.  Calypso’s turn-key package uses an easy to learn touchscreen interface with integrated credit card processing.  You have the optional tracking of recipes, inventory and ingredients, employee time clock and labor scheduling.  Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!

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