This Frozen Yogurt Shop Knows How to Profit In the Winter

Winter is on its way and temperatures have started dropping. How can you keep your frozen yogurt shop profits from joining them? Adding a new line of sweet treats is the perfect way to boost your profits during the cooler months. Pink Papaya Frozen Yogurt in Coral Springs found the perfect line to complement their frozen treats. This month they introduced Nadine’s Gourmet Cupcakes and Cake Pops, and the customers are flocking in!

Pink Papaya keeps the treats coming with Calypso’s yogurt shop POS , the most affordable in the business. Straight forward and simple to use, Calypso’s software features simple department driven menu screens that drastically reduce training time and enable fast, accurate service. Our point of sale system can process credit, debit and gift transactions eliminating the need for additional processing equipment. Built-in gift card and loyalty programs make rewarding your best customers a breeze. Calypso’s point of sale systems software features flexible order routing to kitchen/prep area for increased speed and order accuracy.

A self-serve yogurt shop POS system must have seamless integration to a POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase.  Calypso’s turn-key yogurt shop solution eliminates the need to re-key a weight manually. Our point of sale system reads the weight from the scale automatically reducing employee error. With the Tare Weights Calypso’s POS will reduce the weight by the weight of the cup and can configure multiple cup sizes automatically. OZ Scales help speed up service and improve customer satisfaction.

Calypso’s point of sale system has built in QuickBooks integration, kitchen video displays, inventory management, barcode scanning, digital surveillance integration, employee time clock and a labor scheduling module.  Our system is scalable from a single location POS system to multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location. Efficiently managing your employees is effortless with Calypso’s POS systems’ employee time clock and labor scheduling. You control in and out times, allowing you to manage your highest business expense – payroll. Optional Detailed back office reporting is available.

Whether you are starting your own yogurt shop or purchasing a franchise Calypso has the complete turn-key packages for ice cream and frozen yogurt shops that you need.  Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!

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