The Best Burgers Deserve the Best POS System

Congratulations to Flip Burger Bar! For the past 25 years, Miami New Times’ Readers’ Poll has been celebrating the best of Miami culture and entertainment. This year Flip Burger Bar won the Miami New Times Award for Best Restaurant, North Miami, and the five star reviews keep coming in from delighted customers across the country!

Owner Emilio Vega has built an extensive beer menu, offering over 100 varieties of traditional and craft brews. The eclectic collection includes familiar and specialty imports from around the world as well as local varieties such as Monk in the Trunk Organic Amber Ale from Jupiter, FL. For customers who prefer wine, Flip Burger Bar features Cupcake Wines, tempting palates with the unique taste of Angel Food wine.

Where this restaurant really shines is with its superb food. Burger choices include the 8 oz. Breakfast Burger served with hash browns, fried egg, cheese sauce and bacon, the 10oz. Fireman with spicy jalapeno peppers, and a tasty veggie burger for vegetarians. The hot wings, available mild, medium, or hot, are mouthwatering with a homemade hot sauce with 3 different diced peppers that bursts with heat and flavor. Flip Burger Bar’s homemade mac n cheese, though, is definitely the star of the show. Rich and creamy with four cheeses, it arrives in a large crock with a toasted Parmesan crust, and has customers swearing they would fly from California to Florida for another taste!

When Vega purchased the restaurant just over a year ago, he needed a straight forward, easy to use point of sale software solution to grow his business. Calypso, the most affordable restaurant POS system available, was his first choice. Calypso allows checks to be separated by seat, item, or dollar amount, and offers easy Bar Tab and Charge Account tracking. Integrated Credit/ Debit and Gift card processing eliminates the need for additional processing equipment. As Vega has added to his impressive beer collection, the Fly menu management has made adding new beers to the menu a breeze.

We are proud that Flip Burger Bar has made Calypso POS system part of his winning formula. Whether you have an established restaurant, bar, yogurt shop or are just starting out, our restaurant software system can help you become a success. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to find out what we can do for your business.

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