Expanding Your Frozen Yogurt Shop into Multiple Locations

Congratulations! Your frozen yogurt shop is a success! Your operation runs smoothly, you have stable, hard-working employees, and loyal customers. Is it time to expand? There are risks involved in expansion, but with careful preparation, expanding to multiple locations can be a great way to improve your bottom line. Do your research, consider all the ramifications, and if expanding adds up for you- go ahead and take the leap! Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Are you ready to switch jobs? Moving to a multi-unit operation is going to make a big change in how you spend your time. Rather than spending days at your frozen yogurt business, interacting with customers as they enjoy your delicious frozen treats, you will be concentrating on hiring and training managers and staff, handling personnel issues, and overseeing business matters. Before you jump into additional stores, be sure that you will not be leaving a job you love for one that weighs you down.
  • Where are the best places for your new shops? Choosing additional sites is a balancing act. Your new frozen yogurt shops need to be far enough away from your original site so you are not competing with yourself, but close enough that you can move between locations quickly to resolve any difficulties that arise.
  • Do you have the right personnel? Remember, you can only be in one place at a time! You need well-trained, responsible employees to manage your other frozen  yogurt locations. Try having new managers work alongside you at your original shop- it gives you the opportunity to observe how they interact with other employees and customers before they are on their own.
  • Is your yogurt shop POS system the best for multi-unit businesses? If you use Pinnacle Hospitality System’s Calypso frozen yogurt POS system, the answer is yes! Calypso offers complete turn-key packages for the frozen yogurt industry. Our system is scalable from a single location POS system to multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location.

Keep track of what is happening at all your locations without having to leave your office! Calypso’s point of sale systems software has an available integrated DVS System that protects your business with solid surveillance of your establishments, assets and patrons. You can view your video through any web browser, anywhere there is an internet connection, and even monitor live video through your iPhone or Windows phone. Since the systems are fully integrated, you can search and review actual order data with video! Take advantage of available external storage for “eternal” archiving.

Have confidence that all your locations will have reduced employee error with Calypso’s yogurt point of sale system. Our system reads the weight from the scale automatically- no need to re-key the weight manually! With the Tare Weights Calypso’s yogurt POS will reduce the weight by the weight of the cup and can configure multiple cup sizes automatically. OZ Scales help speed up service and improve customer satisfaction. Whether you are expanding your frozen yogurt business or opening your first frozen yogurt franchise, Calypso has the perfect yogurt shop solution for you! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to get started!


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