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Are you searching for a unique restaurant franchise opportunity in an underserved market? Look no further! 5-Spice Asian Street Market is now offering franchise opportunities in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties in Florida. The restaurant’s unique fast casual Asian menu takes advantage of the growing trend for ethnic food. Since they first opened their doors in 2006, 5-Spice Asian Street Market has been winning local magazine “Best of” honors – now you have the chance to continue that winning tradition!

5-Spice Asian Street Market serves up fresh quick-to-prepare menu items inspired by the style of food seen on the streets of Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Custom dishes like the Create-Your-Own Noodle Adventure and Wok-to Order Rice Bowls are prepared fresh for diners as they move through an efficient cafeteria-style line; guests can also select ready-to-eat Asian snacks, sushi rolls, Vietnamese summer rolls and prepackaged items. Dishes are delivered to diners once they are seated, swiftly enough that the process gives new meaning to the title of “quick-serve,” a real advantage for the business lunch crowd.

This style of food, popularized on shows like Chef Anthony Bourdain’s travel segment, is perfect for time-crunched diners looking for something different. “Asian noodle, bowl and grill concepts deliver everything today’s quick-casual customer seeks: cross-cultural tastes beyond the traditional Chinese selections, exotic ambiance, instant gratification, affordable price points and cheerful, competent service, and 5-Spice is uniquely positioned to fill this demand,” as Chee Piong, 5-Spice director of Franchise Development explained to FastCasual’s online magazine recently. “Our key differentiator is our focus on Asian street foods, backed by a proven repeatable system that can implement our vision.”

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