Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop with your Spouse

Would you like to spend more time with your partner while strengthening your relationship? Are you tired of the corporate grind and long hours that make it a hassle to schedule time together? Opening a frozen yogurt shop together could be perfect for you! Couples across the country have benefitted from going into business together for years – as early as 2000, there were an estimated 3 million small businesses operated by couples, according to Oklahoma State University professor Glenn Muske. If you and your partner enjoy talking together, communicate well, and have working styles that complement each other, the experience of running a business together can strengthen the bond you share.

Co-owning a business gives couples the opportunity to explore their strengths and creativity. While it may be hard at times to leave the business behind when at home, the ability to brainstorm and problem solve at any time can be a real asset. Having time for family and balancing home life with work obligations can be much easier when partners are co-owners. Instead of having to ask a boss for time off for caring for a sick child, attending school functions, and all the other various minutia of family life, entrepreneurial couples share their concerns and can work together. A frozen yogurt franchise, with family-friendly hours and ease of ownership, is ideal for duos who want to run a business and still have time for family and outside pursuits.

Are you and your partner ready to enrich your lifestyle by opening your own frozen yogurt store?  Calypso’s frozen yogurt shop point of sale system will get your business up and running quickly! In order to run efficiently, a yogurt shop POS system must have seamless integration to a frozen yogurt POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase. Calypso eliminates the need for re-keying a weight manually with tare weights that automatically reduce the weight by the weight of the cup, and it is configurable for different cup sizes.

If you are interested in opening a restaurant franchise instead, Calypso is still the most affordable POS system for you! With easy to learn touchscreen interface and optional tracking of recipes, inventory, and ingredients, Calypso POS keeps front-end training to a minimum. The turnkey POS system Calypso offers is full-featured, integrating an employee time clock and labor scheduling, credit card processing, and gift-card and loyalty programs. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 and start living your new life!


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