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Locally sourced meat and seafood, and locally grown produce are the top two menu trends for 2013, and food trucks are the ideal way to ride that trend to success. According to a recent National Restaurant Association survey, health- and environmentally-conscious consumers are searching for dining options that incorporate seasonal ingredients purchased from local farms. Healthy, local and organic ingredients are a natural match for food trucks, known for their creative use of ingredients and newly fabricated cuts of meat. Flexibility in product selection and the ability to literally “go to the source” at local farmers’ markets leaves food trucks perfectly poised to take advantage of these trends in 2013.

One of the reasons food truck owners can afford to use the best ingredients is the affordability of operating a food truck: they need less equipment and have lower overhead than mortar-and-brick restaurant owners do. Food truck owners can extend this frugality by turning to Calypso, maker of the most affordable POS system on the market. Calypso is designed to run on a single, inexpensive computer, a plus for the tight space requirements of food trucks. Calypso’s food truck POS systems are designed to work without Windows – so users can say goodbye to viruses, hackers, and costly Windows upgrades!

There is no need for additional processing equipment with the integrated credit/debit card and gift card processing provided by Calypso’s point of sale systems. Operators process credit, debit and gift transactions directly from the PCI, PA-DSS compliant POS system. Long lines can be a common complaint faced by food truck owners. Calypso speeds service with simple, department driven menu screens that drastically reduce training time and enable fast, accurate service. Calypso’s single screen order to pay solution lets users place orders, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay checks from the same screen.

One of the key determiners of a food truck’s success is whether fans can locate and patronize their favorite truck. When you use Calypso’s point-of-sale integrated with their SunDrop Mobile platform you gain the ability to have your offers and coupons broadcast on Facebook. SunDrop can be integrated directly into other software products and includes SMS text message, email and voice in addition to social media communication, so you can keep your followers up-to-date via Twitter.

Whether you have a food truck, quick serve or frozen yogurt shop, Calypso has the point of sale systems software for you. With built in QuickBooks integration, kitchen video displays, inventory management, barcode scanning, digital surveillance integration and employee time clock and labor scheduling, Calypso is ideal for any restaurant. Calypso’s frozen yogurt shop POS features Tare Weights that reduce the frozen yogurt weight by the weight of the cup and can configure multiple cup sizes. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to find out how we can help steer you to success.

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