Frozen Yogurt Shop Ideas

With the excitement of the holidays over, restaurant owners need ways to ensure that winter blahs do not settle in and threaten their profits. Frozen yogurt stores especially need ways to entice customers into their businesses as cooler temperatures decrease the demand for their chilly wares. Break away from the boring and energize your customer base by marketing your business through social media! Here are some frozen yogurt shop ideas for revving up customer interest:

  • Run polls on Facebook asking customers to rate their favorite toppings. Reward polltakers with instant coupons for 20 % off or free toppings. The coupons will guarantee a return trip from customers while you gain valuable information about their tastes.
  • Have a contest where customers are asked to name and post photos of their ultimate froyo  creation on your Facebook page. Everyone votes for his or her favorite; winner will have a picture with the dessert creation hung in your store and receive a voucher free dessert.
  • If you also offer baked goods at your frozen yogurt store, use Twitter to notify your customers when a fresh batch is coming hot and delicious out of the oven. This is a great way to remind customers to visit your frozen yogurt store.
  • Offer time-sensitive deals via text or Twitter to bring in customers during slow times.
  • Many frozen yogurt stores are updating their décor for a more coffeehouse vibe and even adding live music. If you have embraced this trend, keep your customers informed of upcoming event s through texts, Twitter, and Facebook.

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