Marketing a New Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Opening a new frozen yogurt franchise can be a nerve-wracking experience. The first 90 days are critical – if sales do not come quickly, franchisees can end up exhausting their working capital. Without adequate working capital, the demise of your business is almost a certainty. How can you ensure that your franchise does not meet this fate? Be proactive and use these tips to get your new franchise off to a fast start!

  • Pre-Select your location Once you know which franchise you will be opening, scout out your location before signing the franchise agreement; working with a knowledgeable real estate broker can speed this process. Note what improvements and additional equipment are needed and negotiate prices and schedules with suppliers and contractors ahead of time.
  • Line Up Vendors Early Your franchisor should have a list of recommended suppliers, but you may need to locate some local vendors on your own. Make sure your vendor agreements are in place and your delivery schedules are set up well in advance of opening.
  • Hire your staff in advance You will probably need employees to operate your business. Start the hiring process early to ensure you fill all your needed positions. Leave enough time to thoroughly train employees so your customer service will be excellent from day one!
  • Begin marketing before you open your doors You need sales from the first day you open-  you need to start marketing your business as soon as possible! Your franchisor can supply some marketing literature to get you started. Contact local media and make a pre-opening announcement. Often local papers are glad to run an article on your opening business. Visit local businesses to introduce your business: since you are opening a frozen yogurt franchise, handing out coupons for free toppings is a great way to draw in customers.

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