Cost of Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Opening a Frozen Yogurt ShopAre you interested in owning a frozen yogurt shop? Before you can obtain the necessary finances to start your business, you need to know the actual cost of opening a frozen yogurt shop. Experts estimate upfront expenses to be $10,000 to $50,000 at a minimum. While real estate outlay will vary depending on your location, most of the startup costs are standard. This guide to the cost of opening a frozen yogurt shop will give you an idea of the financial outlay required:

  • Franchise If you decide to open a franchise, buy-in fees can be as low as $15,000. You will pay additional monthly royalty and advertising fees the entire time you are in business, as a percentage of your profits. The benefits you receive are an established business model, national brand name recognition, national advertising, and training. Some franchisors assist in locating financing. This route can be a big help for new entrepreneurs.
  • Location This expense is dependent on your local real estate conditions. Look for locations near a gym or fitness center; malls and other areas with family foot traffic are excellent choices.
  • Frozen yogurt machines When choosing a frozen yogurt machine, you need to consider maintenance costs. Ask if the machine necessitates authorized repair technicians to perform maintenance and repairs. If so, find out their rates and availability.
    • New Prices range from a single flavor model at $14,000 to a two flavor with additional “twist” flavor at $26,000.
    • Refurbished Used machines that have been cleaned, reconditioned and serviced can save you a lot of money. Only purchase equipment that has at least a six-month warranty. You can find refurbished machines as low as $6,000 to $10,000.
    • Lease Leasing machines is a great way to conserve your cash flow. Leases start as low as $570 per month.
  • Cold topping counter Your fresh fruit toppings will require a cold counter; prices range from $3,700 to $6,000 depending on size and materials.
  • Topping dispensers Acrylic containers that show off your toppings form an essential component of the décor of your shop; use several different styles to create an engaging design.
    • Countertop  Prices start as low as $45 for a single container to $900 for  five compartment units
    • Wall-mounted There are enormous price variations within sizes and groupings. You can find a single container for $20; the cost for five grouped dispensers can be as high as $650 to $950
    • Stackable Bins These are most economical when purchased in cases; prices start from $75 for a case of twelve.
  • Supplies You need a generous quantity of these items to open your shop; some will be an ongoing expense.
    • Mix Flavors can come pre-mixed or as a powder or liquid that is added to the basic mix. Some mixes call for the addition of actual yogurt, while many just blend with milk. Prices vary greatly for different brands of liquid and powder mixes. Buying in bulk will lower the price; the price of a 1kg. bag of powder mix can change from $7 to $11 depending on the amount ordered.
    • Toppings and Sauces  Prices vary by topping type; purchase in bulk to keep prices low.
    • Cups, Spoons, Napkins, etc.
      • Paper cups are $75 to $80 per 1000 depending on size; logos extra
      • Spoons start at $20 per 1000
      • Lids are $50-$60 per 1000
      • Napkins run $25 per 1000
  • Permits and Licenses Each municipality has its own required permits in addition to state licenses. Contact the Small Business Association for a list of requirements in your area.
  • Other expenses
    • Uniforms
    • Counters
    • Yogurt shop POS system
    • Integrated scales
    • Commercial Refrigerator
    • Cold containers for fresh fruit
    • Lighting
    • Signage
    • Marketing

The cost of opening a frozen yogurt shop can add up quickly. Calypso helps you keep expenses low with the most affordable POS system in the industry. In order to run efficiently, a yogurt shop point of sale must have seamless integration to a frozen yogurt POS scale to calculate the cost of merchandise based on weight of what the customer is looking to purchase. Calypso eliminates the need for re-keying a weight manually with tare weights that automatically reduce the weight by the weight of the cup. Since Calypso’s yogurt store POS is configurable for different cup sizes, there are no slow-downs for different sizes! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 for more information on opening your own frozen yogurt shop.

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