Choosing the Right Juice Bar Point of Sale

Juice Bar POS System Are you opening a juice bar? If so, you picked the perfect time! Juice bars are among the hottest restaurant trends for 2013, according to several of the industry’s leading research companies. There are several crucial decisions you now face; choosing the right juice bar point of sale system is one of the most important. The right point of sale system can increase your profitability and help every aspect of your juice bar; a poor choice can result in long wait times, dissatisfied customers, and low profits. Here are eight key features to look for in a juice bar point of sale system:

  1.  Affordability Opening a new business is an expensive undertaking; your juice bar POS should help you save money by:
    • Requiring a low initial investment
    • Eliminating the need for additional processing equipment with integrated credit/debit and gift card processing
    • Reducing training time by employing straight forward, easy to use software
  2. Quick speed of service Your juice bar needs to process transactions quickly and accurately; the right juice bar point of sale system will help you do this with:
    • Simple, department driven menu screens
    • A single screen order-to-pay solution
    • Flexible order routing to kitchen/prep area for increased speed and order accuracy
  3. Labor management Scheduling employees is a time-consuming task; a juice bar POS that features an employee time clock and labor scheduling will save you hours of valuable time every week.
  4. Inventory management Inventory costs can be difficult to track and control; your point of sale system should have robust inventory management features that keeps track of your stock on hand, product usage, and order information so you know what to order and when to schedule deliveries.
  5. Barcode scanning If you will be selling nutritionals at your juice bar, barcode scanning will be an essential part of your POS system: cashier transactions are easier, faster, and more accurate when barcodes are used.
  6. Integrated scales Juice bars offering frozen yogurt need a point of sale system with an integrated POS scale that makes transactions quick and easy by automatically deducting the weight of the frozen yogurt cup
  7. Loss prevention technology When dealing with the high volume of customers that juice bars can generate, it is impossible to keep an eye on all transactions. A juice bar POS system can safeguard your business from losses due to employees or customers in two ways:
    • Cash drawer assignment that assigns cashiers to their drawer for hands only cash responsibility, prevents unauthorized NO SALE transactions, and prevents order entry with open drawer.
    • Integrated DVS system usually offered as an add-on or optional feature, a surveillance system that is integrated with your POS will allow you to search and review actual order data with video as well as monitor your juice bar even when you are not there, via the internet.
  8. Marketing support To bring customers into your juice bar, you will need to put some effort into marketing. A POS for juice bars that features social media integration will allow you to build a Facebook following, offer coupons and special deals, and run text and email campaigns.

Calypso makes choosing the right juice bar point of sale system an easy task! Calypso is the most affordable POS system in the industry, with all the features juice bars need. Calypso POS also has built in QuickBooks integration, kitchen video displays, and can be used with their SunDrop Mobile platform for social media communication. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to start on your way to juice bar success!

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