Juice & Smoothie Bar Business Plan

Juice and Smoothie BarThe first step in understanding how to open a juice and smoothie bar is writing a business plan. If you have never written one before, it may seem discouragingly complex. Take a deep breath! It is easier than you think. To help you get started, here is a free detailed sample juice & smoothie bar business plan. We have included beginning sentences as demonstration only; the company “My Juice & Smoothie Bar” and facts are made-up. Use actual information for your company and area.

Executive Summary

  1. Product/Service
    My Juice & Smoothie Bar will offer an extensive variety of juices, smoothies, protein bars, etc.
  2. Financing
    Ms. X will contribute $x; investors will provide $x. Ms. X is seeking to raise $x through a bank loan.
  3. Success Path
    My Juice & Smoothie Bar will differentiate itself by…
  4. Sales Forecast
    Ms. X projects a strong rate of growth over the first three years. (provide a chart breakdown of sales, operating costs, and profits)

 Company & Financing Summary

  1. Company
    My Juice & Smoothie Bar is owned by five partners who each have a 20% share: (list partners and type of company).
  2. Financing
    Start-up expenses require $x in funding. (provide break-down of how funds will be used)

Company Description

  1. My Juice & Smoothie Bar will offer a wide variety of (list products). We will help patrons meet their nutritional needs by (detail the services you offer). Our store will be located (describe location – mall, high foot traffic area, etc.) My Juice & Smoothie Bar’s production line (describe facility).

Market Analysis

  1. Industry
    Consumer demand for healthier lifestyles has resulted in the health food industry experiencing a growth of x% for the last two years, with an expected increase of x% next year. The non-alcoholic beverage sector grew x% last year, and demand is expected….
  2. Local
    In a local survey of x mall shoppers, x% perceive juice bars as a healthy option, x% purchased smoothies in the last month, etc.
  3. Customer Profile
    My Juice & Smoothie Bar’s target customer is middle to upper class women and families in the target area. Customer traits are: (use specific demographics such as average income, population size, location, amount they will spend, etc.)
  4. Competitive Analysis
    There are x juice bars in the area and y similar businesses (health food stores, snack shops, etc. Research and list companies). Customers will choose My Juice & Smoothie Bar because (reasons customers will choose your business over the competition – better product, price, etc.)
  5. Internal/External Analysis
    (chart a SWOT/ TOWS analysis- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

Marketing Plan

  1. Marketing Objectives 
    My Juice & Smoothie Bar will establish itself as the premier destination for customers seeking a healthy….
  2. Marketing Strategies
    My Juice & Smoothie Bar will use … (ads, coupons, visible location, etc.)
  3. Pricing Strategy
    (detail the pricing of your products and services)
  4. Sales Forecast
    (three year projection of sales based on competition, industry, and local market data)

Management Summary

  1. Organizational Summary (provide chart)
  2. Owner / Key Employee Biographies
  3. Human Resources Budget (provide chart)

Financial Plan (this section is mostly charts – project for three years)

  1. Funding Sources and Amounts
  2. Underlying/General Assumptions (figures used to make projections- amount of sales, loan percentage rate, etc.)
  3. Profit and Loss Statements (projected income)
  4. Break-Even Analysis
  5. Cash Flow Forecast (projected sales and cash disbursements)
  6. Balance Sheet

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