Ice Cream Shop Equipment List

Ice Cream Shop EquipmentAn important step in learning how to open an Ice Cream Shop is choosing the best equipment for your establishment. You will be working with these items on a daily basis for years and they will have a direct impact on your businesses’ profitability, so it is important to make sure each piece of equipment best fits your needs. Use the following Ice Cream Shop Equipment List as a guide when considering your purchases:

Heavy Equipment – these items represent your largest expense. Budget-conscious entrepreneurs should consider leasing equipment to lower start-up expenses. Pre-owned/reconditioned and “scratch and dent” models are great money-saving options that can save you thousands of dollars; just be certain the equipment is covered by a warranty for at least six months.

  • Ice Cream Batch Freezer Available in air or water cooled models
  • Ice Cream Machine For shops that offer soft serve; are available as counter top or free standing models; dispensing options are single, twin, or twin with a twist
  • Ice Cream Hardening & Holding Cabinet  The price of your cabinet can vary greatly depending on the number of containers you want it to hold as well as the speed with which it brings your ice cream to a hard freeze
  • Dipping Cabinet Dipping cabinets serve as your merchandise displays as well as the refrigerated storage units for your ice cream. Look for dipping cabinets that offer:
    • Heat-reflective glass lids to provide extra protection from ice build-up commonly found in dipping freezers
    • Sturdy can holders acrylic cut-out or wire holders to secure cans
    • Optional flavorail holds pumps, jars, and fountain heads
  • Ice Cream and Novelties Merchandiser Stores and displays take-home treats: packaged ice cream, ice cream cakes, etc. Look for merchandisers with:
    • Tempered glass sliding doors to reduce outer heat gain
    • Outside attached thermostat to monitor and adjust temperature easily
  • Shake Freezer Add a head-mounted spindle mixer to add in flavors or toppings as shakes dispense.Milkshake freezers come in several styles:
    • Countertop model has a small footprint and is perfect in tight spaces
    • Floor model perfect for larger volumes
    • Pressurized model enables you to serve even the thickest shakes quickly
  • Soda Fountain Available with two to twelve dispensers
    • Countertop electric uses self-contained cooling system that does not require ice
    • Drop-in/ice bin cold plate installed in countertop or standalone cabinet; can be used with soda gun
    • Beverage & ice combo unit dispenses both ice and beverages; can be purchased with optional attached ice maker or be filled with ice manually
    • Pressurized model enables you to serve even the thickest shakes quickly
  • Cold Topping Counter for fresh fruit toppings

Other Essential Equipment

  • Ice cream shop POS should have the following features:
    • Affordability
    • Integrated credit/debit/gift card processing
    • Time management / Payroll functionality
    • Simple to use screens for speedy service
  • Ice cream dipper station
  • Waffle cone baker
  • Hot topping warmers
  • Topping dispensers
  • Ice cream cone dispensers
  • Ice cream servers/savers and lids
  • Scoops and servers
  • Serving dishes – footed, tulip, sundae, and wide bowl ice cream dishes, shake glasses
  • Napkin holders

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