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Ice Cream Shop POSOpening an ice cream shop is an exciting and involved process. There are many elements necessary to ensure your success: a scrumptious product line, convenient location, appealing décor … the list goes on and on. One essential component is a full-featured point of sale system. A great ice cream shop POS will help your deliver fast, efficient service, ensure you have satisfied customers, and boost your bottom line. So how can you make sure your ice cream shop POS has the goods? Choose one that has all the following features:

Reliability If your POS system stops working, you stop making money! Your POS should be safe from hackers, viruses, and glitches, without requiring frequent upgrades. Tech support should be available all the time, even on weekends and holidays, just in case an issue does arise.

Affordability Finances are always at issue. Your ice cream shop POS should protect your bottom line with:

  • Low initial investment
  • Integrated credit/debit/gift processing that eliminates the need for additional equipment
  • Straight-forward, easy to learn software requiring minimal training time

Ease of Use Long line times can chase away your customers – and your profits! Your ice cream shop POS should help you provide swift and accurate service with simple, department-driven screens that provide a single screen order-to-pay solution.

Payroll and Labor Management The highest expense your ice cream shop will face is payroll. A full-featured POS will save you time and money by helping you to:

  • Control your employees’ in-and-out times with an integrated time clock
  • Keep track of employee time and attendance
  • Eliminate overtime with accurate schedule tracking
  • Reduce the time and effort you spend assigning and adjusting employee schedules

Inventory Management Overstocking supplies ties up your cash flow, crowds your store, and can result in less-than-fresh ingredients that ruin the taste of your ice cream. An ice cream shop point of sale system should have robust, easy to use inventory management features that keep track of your stock on hand, product usage, and order information so you know what to order and when to schedule deliveries.

Barcode Scanning Selling your ice cream cakes and packaged ice cream is easy with barcode scanning to ensure fast, accurate transactions.

Integrated Scales If you plan to offer self-serve ice cream, you will need an integrated POS scale. It should calculate the cost of the ice cream by automatically subtracting the weight of the cup for fast, accurate service.

Optional Integrated DVS System Using loss prevention technology is an important step in ensuring your ice cream shop’s profitability. A POS system that can integrate with a Digital Video Surveillance system will allow you to:

  • Search and review actual order data with video
  • Verify transactions and eliminate employee theft
  • Keep an eye on your ice cream shop from anywhere, via your smart phone, tablet, or computer
  • Protect your business with solid surveillance of your establishment, assets and patrons

Many ice cream shops, including Coneheads of St. Augustine, have found success with Calypso, the most affordable POS in the industry. Calypso has the ideal POS for ice cream shops, with everything you need to make your business profitable! In addition to having all the features listed above, Calypso POS also can be used with the SunDrop Mobile platform for social media marketing, and has built in QuickBooks integration and kitchen video displays. Calypso offers true worry-free operation: it does not require Windows, so you never have to suffer from PCI compliance issues, pay for Windows upgrades, or deal with hackers or viruses. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 for the best ice cream shop POS for your future success!

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