How to Open a Pizza Shop

Opening a Pizza ShopCongratulations! You are ready to take the leap, become your own boss, and open your own pizza shop! Opening a pizza shop requires long hours and a lot of hard work, but with perseverance, your pizza shop can become a success. As you learn how to open a pizza shop, you will find there are nine crucial steps you must take: Step 1. Decide Your Pizza Shop Type Pizza shops fall into three categories:

  • Quick-service pizza shops generally feature pre-cooked pizzas kept in food warmers for fast service with short wait times and no lines. This is your least expensive option, and can be opened in a small space – even a kiosk with a counter and built-in stools will work.
  • Mid-size pizzerias provide a casual dining experience. Diners place their order at the counter and servers deliver the pizza to the table.
  • Upscale pizza restaurants feature high quality ingredients, a wide variety of offerings, alluring ambiance, and higher prices. Menus typically contain pasta, salad, soup, and dessert options. The more formal setting often mandates a dress code.

Step 2. Create your Business Plan While this step requires some effort to finish, it is essential if you are looking for funding. It will prove to be an enormous help during your first three years of business. Step 3. Scout a Location If you are considering opening in a location that previously housed a pizza restaurant, be sure to find out why the last shop failed. The ideal location will be highly visible with easy accessibility and sufficient parking. Step 4. Comply with Regulations Obtain whatever permits and licenses are required in your area. If you will be serving beer or wine, you will need a license to serve alcoholic beverages. Step 5. Purchase Your Equipment Pizza shops require specialized equipment:

  • Pizza ovens
  • Pizza prep make-line tables
  • Pizza prep accessories
  • Pizza point of sale software
  • Mixers
  • Dough sheeters
  • Oven paddles
  • Cooler / refrigerator
  • Pizza warmer
  • Display counter

Step 6. Develop your menu Decide the styles of pizza, toppings, additional dishes, and beverages you will sell. Price your items to be competitive with local restaurants. Step 7. Hire your Staff Look for friendly, outgoing people with pizza shop experience. Step 8. Build Some Buzz Generate interest in your pizza shop well in advance of your opening date: advertise in local papers, put up flyers in your neighborhood, spread the word through social media, and get your business on location-based social networking sites. Step 9. Make a Grand Entrance Make your Grand Opening an event to attend! Get noticed by providing live music, balloons, and special discounts to draw in customers. Now that you know how to open a pizza place, it is time to put your plan in motion! One of the easiest decisions you will face as you embark on your new adventure is choosing Calypso for your Pizza Delivery POS. Calypso’s powerful customer database delivers all the information you need, including phone number, address, notations, and Caller ID for an integrated delivery module. The Multiple Orders delivery driver ticket that Calypso features increases customer satisfaction and reduces delivery time by allowing for flexible order delivery. With simple, department driven screens and flexible order routing, Calypso’s pizza delivery point of sale will help your business to run efficiently. Calypso seamlessly integrates with the Sundrop Mobile platform to provide social media marketing power and features integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing so no extra equipment is needed. Contact Calypso at 800-771-7100 today to discover all the ways Calypso can help you find pizza shop success!

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