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Pizza Delivery POSAs a pizza shop owner, you face operational challenges that set your business apart from other restaurants. You need deliveries to be fast, accurate, and timely if your business is going to succeed, and a restaurant point of sale system that has delivery service tacked on the end is not going to be much help. You need a full-featured pizza delivery POS designed specifically to meet the needs of pizza shop owners. Is your POS system up to the challenge? Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a Pizza Delivery POS system:

Pizza Delivery is Different Delivery is not an afterthought for your restaurant. It is the heart and soul of your pizza business, and it needs to be at the heart of your POS system. Only a POS system custom-designed for pizza shops is going to have all the functions you need to run your business efficiently, including a powerful customer database with customers’ names, numbers, and addresses, with room for special notations, and integrated Caller ID to instantly identify customers and make order taking easier. Unlike a standard POS system, full-featured pizza delivery point of sale software will have an integrated delivery module offering Delivery Driver management, dispatching functionality, and the ability to create Multiple Order delivery tickets to ensure you keep up with busy Friday nights and Game Days.

Accuracy is Everything Pizza orders are complex: “Half pepperoni, half mushroom and green pepper; extra cheese on everything,” …add in different crusts, sizes, an almost infinite number of topping combinations, and it is easy to see how orders can be scrambled. A pizza shop POS should make the ordering process as simple as possible, with department-driven menu screens that enable quick, accurate order taking.

“Free” can cost a fortune Low-cost and “free” POS systems can sound like a great way to lower your start-up costs or protect your bottom line. They come at a steep price, though…. these systems typically lack the features you need to run your business efficiently, resulting in disappointed customers, lost sales, and lowered profits.

Add-ons Add Up Quickly Some POS systems come as stripped-down models with a low base price; by the time you add in extra features and equipment, you are looking at a bill that is far more expensive than you planned. Look for a complete pizza shop POS that includes integrated credit/debit/gift card processing, time management and payroll functionality.

Inventory Management is Essential Pizza shops need to track food and inventory costs so they can monitor their expenses and adjust prices to ensure profitability. Your pizza delivery POS should include robust, easy to use inventory management features so you can keep track of ingredients on hand, product usage, and order information.

Safe & Secure Equals Profitability It is a simple fact: if your point of sale system goes down, you stop making money. You need to know your POS system will stay operational, without expensive, time- and profit-stealing crashes and glitches; your customers need to have confidence their payment information is secure. Choose a point of sale system that is protected and free from compliance hassles and virus threats.

Every aspect of Calypso’s Pizza Delivery POS is custom designed to meet the specialized needs of pizza restaurants. Calypso’s pizza delivery point of sale software offers all the features listed above, as well as built in QuickBooks integration; it does not require Windows, so it is safe from hackers and glitches for true worry-free operation. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to experience how Calypso’s customized Pizza Delivery POS can improve your sales, reduce your costs and increase your overall profits!

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