How to Promote Your Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Promotion As a coffee shop owner, you know that promotions are an essential part of a successful business. You probably ran a large marketing campaign when you first opened your doors, but your marketing efforts may have slowed down as you became involved in the daily minutiae of running your coffee shop. However, if you want to keep growing your customer base, you need to continue marketing your establishment on an ongoing basis. To get you started, here are a few tips on how to promote your coffee shop:

Dessert Shots – Introduce your customers to your tasty pastries and baked goods by serving bite-sized “dessert shots”. Shot glasses are the perfect size for samples of all your desserts – pies, crisped rice treats, mousses, and cakes all work equally well. You can offer them at a nominal price with a drink purchase or as a free treat. Your customers enjoy an indulgence while you build demand for your desserts – a perfect win-win situation!

Bounce Backs – Offer a discount when customers “bounce back” in with a receipt from an earlier purchase. Experiment with different time limits to determine what works best in your area. This promotion is the perfect inducement for a return visit; many of the most successful coffee shops, restaurants, and retail chains use this strategy to great avail. Adapt it to your inventory and make it your own.

“Happy Hour” Promotions – Why should bars have all the fun? Run “Happy Hour” specials to draw in commuters for a hot cup of happiness before their trip home!

Loyalty Program – Create a loyalty program rewarding your regulars with one free drink or free dessert treat for every ten they purchase. Mobile, cardless solutions are especially popular, as customers do not have to worry about keeping track of an easily lost card.

Coffee Tasting Events – Coffee tasting parties are a great draw and a lot of fun! Serve samples of your various varieties and styles of coffee with flavor cards for customers to record their impressions. You will gain new customers attracted to the festive atmosphere, and your established customers may discover a new “favorite” they never thought to try.

Live Music Events – Nothing embodies the “coffee shop vibe” better than a live music act. Schedule small acoustic groups or individuals to perform, making your coffee shop the perfect weekend destination. Have your servers spread the word and publicize the event with flyers.

Art Extravaganzas – Bring out the art-lover in your patrons by sponsoring a day or weekend where customers can come enjoy a cup of your best brew while browsing local artists’ masterpieces. Have the artists on hand to explain their inspirations. Contact your local paper to write an article about the event, and consider hosting a monthly scheduled happening to get the most benefit from this promotion.

As your promotions bring in new business and turn your current customers into loyal fans, make sure your POS system is up to the challenge! Calypso’s coffee shop POS has all the features you need, at an affordable price. The single screen order to pay solution Calypso offers increases your speed of service by allowing you to place an order, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay checks all from the same screen. Calypso’s coffee shop point of sale software seamlessly integrates with the Sundrop Loyalty Solution so you can effortlessly implement a cardless loyalty program – all you have to do is ask customers for their cell phone number! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s coffee shop point of sale system can build on your promotions to make your business a success!


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