Getting Customers to Your Yogurt Shop

Yogurt Shop CustomersCongratulations! After a lot of effort and many long nights, your frozen yogurt shop is ready to open. Your staff is welcoming, your toppings are plentiful, and your yogurt is absolutely delectable. Time to sit back and relax, right? Not quite! Now you face the next challenge: enticing new customers to your yogurt shop, and turning them into loyal fans. The popularity of yogurt shops means there is a lot of competition, and many alternatives for customers seeking refreshing desserts. Beat out the competition and make your establishment the hot spot for cool treats with these proven strategies:

Hold a Grand Opening If your business is already open, have a Re-Opening or Anniversary Celebration. Go all out – hire a face painter, offer door prizes, have live entertainment, contests, whatever it takes to make the day memorable. Advertise heavily before the event, and make sure to put signage out – the bigger, the better. Collecting business cards for a giveaway is a great way to get contact info for future promotions.

Become a Happening Hot Spot Make your frozen yogurt shop the place to be by bringing in live music acts in the evening. Instead of closing up shop when it gets dark, hold special game nights, complete with prizes.

Reward Loyalty Use a customer loyalty program to increase repeat visits. Run “Bring A Friend” promotions, with discounts for both visitors.

Make Full Use of Social Media Social media is an excellent way to draw customers into your shop. There are a number of effective promotions to bring customers into your yogurt shop:

  • Ensure followers are up to date on the happenings in your shop through Facebook. Create a calendar with upcoming events and post daily specials to bring customers in on a regular basis.
  • Keep it interactive: have customers post photos of their ultimate frozen yogurt creation; the customer who gains the most “Likes” wins bragging rights and a free dessert.
  • Customers love discounts that they can bring in on their smartphone: send discount codes via text or through Twitter that they can just bring in and show to your cashiers.
  • Offer time-sensitive deals through Facebook, text, and Twitter, to turn slow times around. Dare your customers to be silly: give 20% off to everyone who brings a stuffed animal as a dining companion, or comes in wearing their fanciest slippers.

Choose Calypso’s Frozen Yogurt POS Bring more business into your shop when you use Calypso’s yogurt shop POS. Happy customers are repeat customers: the single screen order to pay solution Calypso offers increases your speed of service by allowing you to place an order, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay checks all from the same screen. Never worry about long lines with Calypso’s POS system with scale,  which reads the weight of frozen yogurt automatically after subtracting the weight of the container, so transactions are accurate the first time.

Calypso’s frozen yogurt point of sale system seamlessly integrates with the Sundrop Loyalty Solution so you can effortlessly implement a cardless loyalty program – all you have to do is ask customers for their cell phone number, and the automated registration process does the rest! Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution enables you to easily use targeted SMS text, email, voice, and social media communications to engage your customers and increase visits. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso can assist you with getting customers to your yogurt shop and turning them into dedicated supporters!

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