Frozen Yogurt Shop Names

Frozen Yogurt Shop NamesOne of the most important steps to opening your own frozen yogurt shop is choosing the name of your business. Think of your shop’s name as its calling card; it will serve as prospective customers’ introduction to your shop, bringing them in for that all-important first taste. While there are several approaches to take when creating frozen yogurt shop names, the underlying requirements remain the same: you need an original, memorable, and appealing name that will cause customers to choose your shop over someone else’s. After perusing the names and approaches below that others have found success with, experiment with different variations to create a name that is uniquely your own:

Follow the Leader The originator of the frozen yogurt craze in America, Pinkberry, still enjoys widespread popularity and recognition. Claim some of that pre-generated appeal for your shop by using a variation of “berry” in your name.

Be Direct You are opening a frozen yogurt shop; why not spell it out and make your shop easy to find by using “yogurt” in your name? Combining “yogurt” with an adjective, place name, or other descriptive word or phrase has a proven track record for success, as evinced by Yogurtland and Yogurt Craze.

Misspellings are not a Mistake The prevalence of frozen yogurt shops presents a difficulty for shop owners trying to create a unique name. By changing the spelling of words, morphing berry to berri or Swirls into Swirlz, you can inject a little cool into a name, set it apart, and make it your own.

Fantastically Fruity Frozen yogurt is all about refreshingly fruity tastes; inject some of that luscious fruit imagery into your name. You can go the general route and use the actual word “fruit” in your name in some form, or pick a particular fruit to highlight, like popular shops Red Mango and Orange Leaf.

Wi-Fi Spoken Here Looking for a way to attract the business and college crowd? Install free Wi-Fi, choose decorations with a coffee-shop vibe, and add an “i” to the beginning of your name to let customers know you are a technologically savvy establishment, as iYogurt Cafe has done.

Foreign and Fabulous Want to impart a feeling of sophistication and exclusivity to your frozen wares? A foreign-sounding name, like Yogen Früz or Frucci, can add an exotic appeal to attract a discerning clientele.

Variations on a Theme Shortening words, inventing words, and creating mashed names are popular ways of making a business sound hip and fresh. The contraction of yogurt to “yo” is the most popular variant used in frozen yogurt shop names, i.e. Froyo and Yolicious, but the options are virtually limitless, restricted only by your imagination.

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