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Yogurt Shop MarketingSummer is here, and it is time for your frozen yogurt business to shine! Indulging in frozen yogurt is one of the most popular ways to beat the heat in muggy summer months, but the proliferation of yogurt shops means dessert-seeking crowds may not end up on your doorstep. As a savvy entrepreneur, you know while rising temperatures increase the demand for chilly treats, only a determined marketing campaign can make your frozen yogurt store the area’s top shop. Are you ready for your frozen yogurt shop to be the destination of choice for local frozen confection fanciers? Employ these yogurt shop marketing ideas, and watch your sales soar!

  1. Make Your Shop a Social Experience
    Capture the late-night crowd for some Hot Nights of Cool Treats! Consider staying open late instead of closing after the family crowd goes home. Lower the lights, raise the music, and turn your shop into the local hangout! If you are near a college, offer discounts for sororities and fraternities, and have special nights for students who share the same class rankings (freshmen, sophomores, etc.). This is also an effective way to appeal to High School students. Try a game night to bring in customers on slow nights.
  2. Collaborate in a Cross Marketing Promotion
    Cross marketing presents a wonderful opportunity for you and a non-competing business to increase each other’s success. Network with other businesses to promote each others’ wares; for example, you could display and hand out flyers for the Story Hour at a local bookstore while they can pass out coupons for your frozen yogurt shop at the end of their readings.
  3. Take Part in Local Events
    Participating in local charitable events is an excellent way to market your frozen yogurt shop. Local races and walk-a-thons present the perfect opportunity to promote your business. Giving a coupon for a free treat to each racer is a great way to introduce your tasty treats to a large audience. Local summer camps and daycare centers love the opportunity to bring the kids in for a guided tour. Give out samples, send the little ones home with coupons for a free treat when accompanied by an adult, and they will be back with the whole family in tow!
  4. Use Social Media to Build Interest
    Keep current by using a Facebook page to connect with a broad audience, generate interest, and keep customers engaged. You can run specials and contests as well as conduct polls on favorite flavors and toppings. After visitors participate in the poll, reward them with a discount or coupon for free toppings. Contact your customers via Twitter posts and texts to keep them up-to-date on your happenings and events.

Marketing your frozen yogurt shop with social media is a breeze with Calypso’s point of sale software! When you use Calypso’s frozen yogurt shop POS, seamlessly integrated with the Sundrop mobile loyalty solution, all you have to do is collect your customers’ phone numbers. The automated registration process of Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution does the rest, so you can easily use targeted SMS text, email, voice, and social media communications to market your yogurt shop and engage your customers.

Calypso’s turnkey frozen yogurt POS solution has all the features frozen yogurt shops need to succeed: integrated credit card processing, an employee time clock, labor scheduling functionality, and more. Calypso’s yogurt shop POS system with scale automatically reads weights to eliminate errors and speed transactions. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 for more information on Calypso’s best POS systems for yogurt shops.

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