Complete Frozen Yogurt POS Systems

Frozen Yogurt POS SystemsAre you looking for a point of sale system for your frozen yogurt shop? While there are many POS systems on the market, they are not created equal! Vague promises of a powerful system are all very well, but if your POS system is lacking some key features, your business will not succeed. To ensure the profitability of your shop, you need to find frozen yogurt POS system that comes complete with all the features you need, at an affordable price.

Affordability Opening a frozen yogurt shop is an expensive undertaking. A complete yogurt shop POS should save you money in several ways, protecting your bottom line with:

  • A low initial investment requirement
  • Straight forward, easy to use software that reduces training time
  • Integrated credit/debit and gift card processing that eliminates the need for additional processing equipment

Reliability You cannot ring up transactions if your POS system stops working. A frozen yogurt point of sale system should be safe from hackers, viruses, and glitches, and work without requiring frequent upgrades. Just in case an issue does arise, your POS provider should have tech support available all the time, even on weekends and holidays.

Time and Attendance Functionality Payroll is the largest ongoing expense frozen yogurt store owners face. Complete point of sale systems for yogurt shops tackles payroll issues head-on, helping you by:

  • Reducing the time and effort required to create and adjust employee schedules
  • Eliminating overtime with accurate schedule tracking
  • Controlling your employees’ in-and-out times with an integrated time clock
  • Keeping track of employee time and attendance

Integrated POS Scales A frozen yogurt point of sale system must have integrated POS scales to be considered complete. Integrated TARE weighted scales that accurately weigh and price frozen yogurt, automatically reducing the final weight by the weight of the cup with no need to manually re-key weights, will result in speedy, accurate service, shorter wait times, and contented repeat customers!

Barcode Scanning In case you decide to offer frozen yogurt cakes, packaged frozen yogurt, or other desserts, your complete POS for yogurt shops needs to include barcode scanning capabilities. Barcode scanning ensures fast, accurate transactions.

Inventory Management Features Your customers expect you to carry a wide variety of frozen yogurt flavors and a plethora of tasty toppings. Running out of any of your supplies can put a serious dent in your profitability. To be a complete solution, a POS for frozen yogurt shops should have should have robust, easy to use inventory management features that keep track of your stock on hand, product usage, and order information so you know what to order and when to schedule deliveries.

Scalability To be truly complete, a frozen yogurt shop POS should be scalable, able to meet your needs as you grow. It should be able to handle everything from a single location POS system, all the way up to multiple locations with multiple POS systems at each location.

Calypso’s complete frozen yogurt POS systems not only have all the above features, they are also the most affordable POS systems on the market! In addition to all of the above abilities, Calypso’s POS systems also have integrated QuickBooks support, and have simple, department-driven screens that provide a single screen order-to-pay solution that speeds transactions, reduces errors, and helps build a satisfied customer base. Calypso can be used can even be used with the SunDrop Mobile platform for social media marketing! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s complete frozen yogurt shop POS systems can improve your bottom line!

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