How to Determine the Best POS System for a Franchise

Franchise POS SystemCongratulations! You have taken the exciting step of deciding to open a franchise. Now that you have chosen the business you will open, you face another important task: choosing the best POS system for your franchise. The POS system you choose will be a vital part of your business, and your decision will affect virtually every aspect of your operation. In order for your franchise to be successful, you need a POS system designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your particular type of franchise. If you are wondering how to determine the best POS system for a franchise, this guide explains the features each type of restaurant franchise requires:

For Quick-Serve Franchises:
If your franchise is a quick-serve restaurant, your franchise POS system should include a kitchen video display that lets you customize item colors for easy identification during rush times. It should make managing order times easier by allowing you to set alerts for long ticket times and include speed of service reporting for Drive Thru time, and keep you informed by tracking Eat In, Take Out, Call In, and Catering orders by type. The ideal quick-serve franchise POS will prevent employee losses with a SMART cash drawer that prevents order entry with open drawer and unauthorized NO SALE transactions.

For Frozen Yogurt Franchises:
A frozen yogurt franchise POS needs to include an integrated POS scale that calculates the cost of frozen yogurt based on weight, reading the weight from the scale automatically. It should eliminate the need to re-key weights manually by including tare weights that subtract the weight of each different cup size automatically.

For Pizza Delivery Franchises:
The best Pizza Delivery Franchise POS will include a powerful customer database with customers’ names, numbers, and addresses, with room for special notations, and integrated Caller ID to instantly identify customers and make order taking easier. Full-featured pizza delivery point of sale software should have an integrated delivery module offering Delivery Driver management, dispatching functionality, and the ability to create Multiple Order delivery tickets to ensure you keep up with even the busiest order times.

For Fast Casual and Table Service Franchises:
Fast casual franchise POS systems should include check management features that allow servers to separate checks by seat, item, or dollar amount, and include bar tab and charge account tracking. They should include easy menu management that makes immediate price changes so Happy Hours and Specials can be added with ease and countdown critical items so your servers never over sell critical items.

For All Restaurant Franchises:
Franchises of every type deserve a point of sale system that is affordable and improves their bottom lines with a low initial investment, integrated credit/debit/gift processing that eliminates the need for additional equipment, and straight- forward, easy to learn software that requires minimal training time. Franchise POS systems should eliminate long wait times and enable swift accurate service with simple department driven menu screens, and a single screen order-to-pay solution that lets cashiers place and order, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay checks all from the same screen.

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