Best Restaurant POS Systems for Yogurt Shops

Yogurt Shop POS SystemsWhen opening a frozen yogurt shop, one of the most crucial decisions you face is your choice of point of sale system. Your POS system will affect every aspect of your operations for years to come. You need a full-featured POS system custom crafted for the frozen yogurt industry that provides the ideal mix of features and versatility at a reasonable price. As thousands of perceptive entrepreneurs have discovered, Calypso’s turnkey yogurt shop POS system’s full-featured functionality makes it the only valid choice. Calypso has earned a reputation for providing the best restaurant POS systems for yogurt shops; read below to discover how Calypso’s yogurt shop POS systems rise to the challenge:

Calypso’s restaurant POS systems for yogurt shops are affordable.
The financial burdens that come with opening a frozen yogurt shop are considerable – the best yogurt POS should ease those burdens, not add to them! Calypso protects your profitability by providing the most affordable POS system in the industry, requiring only a low initial investment to get you up and running. Straightforward, easy to use software reduces training time, and integrated credit/debit and gift card processing is included, eliminating the need to purchase additional processing equipment. Calypso’s POS for frozen yogurt shops is built to run on a single, inexpensive computer – no register required!

Calypso’s yogurt shop POS systems are reliable.
Calypso was designed to operate without Windows, meaning you never have to deal with the hassle and expense of frequent updates or face disastrous downtimes due to hackers, viruses, or glitches.

Calypso’s POS for frozen yogurt shops feature integrated POS scales.
Calypso’s integrated POS scales use TARE weights to accurately weigh and price frozen yogurt, automatically reducing the final weight by the weight of the cup to eliminate the need to re-key manually. You can even program in different cup sizes to ensure the fastest, most accurate service.

Calypso’s frozen yogurt point of sale systems are full-featured and versatile.
Calypso provides all the features essential to yogurt store success:

  • Time and Payroll Functionality reduces the time and effort required to create and adjust employee schedules, helping you to keep track of employee time and attendance to eliminate expensive overtime charges.
  • Integrated Gift Card and Loyalty Programs help you rev up your customers and maximize your profits.
  • Barcode Scanning simplifies the sale of take-home treats and packaged desserts.  
  • Optional Recipe, Inventory, and Ingredient Tracking help you avoid ingredient shortages. Calypso’s easy to use inventory management features keep track of your stock on hand, product usage, and order information so you know when to schedule deliveries and how much of each item to order.
  • QuickBooks Integration makes accounting a breeze for even new owners!
  • Social Media Marketing through the SunDrop Mobile platform makes building a customer base a simple task for Calypso users.
  • Robust Reporting Features keep you on top of every aspect of your frozen yogurt business.

As you can see, there are many reasons Calypso’s yogurt shop solutions have garnered the reputation of the best restaurant POS systems for yogurt shops. Calypso also has turnkey solutions customized for Quickserve restaurants, table service restaurants, and pizza delivery shops, with features including flexible order routing, loss prevention technology with integrated DVR systems, and more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso can help your business succeed!

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