Ten Things to Know Before Opening a Coffee Shop

Opening a Coffee ShopAre you thinking of opening a coffee shop? The coffee shop trend is still going strong, so opening a coffee shop could be the perfect way for you to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit while indulging your love of a good cup of coffee. However, the popularity of coffee shops does mean that you could be facing some stiff competition, so it is important to be prepared and organized before you open your doors. To help you prepare, here is a list of ten things to know before opening a coffee shop:

  1. Everything about coffee!
    Coffee is the heart of your business, and you need to have an in-depth knowledge of it. Learn everything about coffee – where and how it is grown, the characteristics of different varieties, and how to best combine them for various flavors. Experiment and create your own signature blend for your shop!
  2. Your target market
    Who are your customers and what are they looking for? The location of your shop plays a large role in determining your market – are your customers busy commuters grabbing a quick cup on their way to work, urbanites enjoying a leisurely cup, or college students needing a pick-me-up for long study sessions? Plan your drinks and snack or dessert options to fit your customers’ tastes.
  3. Your budgetary limits
    Figure out your budget – and stick to it! Spend your money where it counts, on high-quality equipment, comfortable furniture, and an engaging décor.
  4. Your competition
    You can gain useful insights by studying your competition – note what works in their shops, and what could use improvement. When you set up your own coffee shop, incorporate their best practices with your own.
  5. How to operate your shop
    Operating a successful coffee shop requires more than just a love of great coffee; it also requires a great deal of hard work and specified knowledge. Research the coffee business and spend some time working in a coffee shop. If possible, find a mentor who can help you learn all aspects of the business.
  6. Your goals – and how to achieve them
    Successful businesses do not happen by accident. For your coffee shop to succeed, you need to have a clear idea of your goals and realistic plan for achieving them. Creating a detailed business plan will help you accomplish this.
  7. Your supplier
    Research roasters and their supply chains; meet with several and sample their product. Decide whom you will partner with and establish a working relationship and schedule well in advance of opening your shop.
  8. The legal requirements
    Find out necessary business and health permits as well as any licenses that are required for legal operation of your coffee shop.
  9. Your unique draw
    The proliferation of coffee shops makes it essential for you to set your shop apart. Serve fresh-made pastries, prepare a different style of coffee, or find some other unique quality to draw customers to your shop.
  10. The best coffee shop POS
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