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Yogurt Shop Manager SoftwareAs the manager of a frozen yogurt shop, you have a wide range of duties. You are responsible for every part of the business, from payroll and staffing issues, to inventory and ordering schedules. To keep up with your daily demands, you need a point of sale system customized specifically to give frozen yogurt shop managers a full range of control over every aspect of their business. To help you run your yogurt shop efficiently and profitably, your yogurt shop manager software needs to have the following features:

Simple and Easy Usability
Managers are often responsible for overseeing new employee POS training. Straightforward, easy to use yogurt shop software reduces training time and helps ensure swift service. Integrated debit/credit/gift card processing simplifies training and speeds checkout by eliminating the need for staff to learn how to operate extra equipment.

Time and Attendance Functionality
How much time do you lose each week dealing with scheduling issues? Your yogurt shop POS software should take the hassle out of employee scheduling, with functionality that

  • Controls your employees’ in-and-out times with an integrated time clock
  • Reduces the time and effort required to create and adjust employee schedules
  • Offers accurate schedule tracking to eliminate expensive overtime charges

Recipe, Inventory, and Ingredient Tracking
As a yogurt shop manager, you end up spending a great deal of time performing inventory tasks. POS systems that are designed for yogurt shop managers will streamline the process with a full set of easy to use inventory management features that help you perform key tasks, such as

  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Predicting product usage
  • Compiling order information
  • Scheduling deliveries
  • Recipe tracking to aid you in accurately pricing items
  • Ingredient tracking to determine usage amounts and help you figure menu item ROI

Detailed Back Office Reporting
Many frozen yogurt shop managers are required to oversee every detail of operations. A yogurt shop POS that offers robust reports can put all the data of the shop at your fingertips so you can stay on top of every part of the business.

Integrated POS Scales
As a manager, you are held responsible for the transactions in your frozen yogurt shop; if your staff provides slow or inaccurate service, it reflects poorly on you. A POS for yogurt stores should be seamlessly integrated with scales that read the weight of the frozen yogurt to calculate the cost of the merchandise based on weight. The scales should use Tare weights to subtract the weight of the cup from the final weight automatically, eliminating delays and errors by freeing your staff from the need to re-key weights manually. By being configurable for multiple cup sizes and using OZ scales, a yogurt shop POS will help speed up service and improve customer satisfaction.

Gift and Loyalty Programs
One of your many responsibilities as a yogurt shop manager is growing the business. Customized yogurt shop manager software should include integrated gift and loyalty programs to help you increase repeat business.

QuickBooks Integration
Accounting duties can be an onerous chore for yogurt shop managers to tackle. A POS system that is integrated with QuickBooks makes it simple and easy to transfer sales and order data, and makes balancing the books a breeze.

Calypso’s customized yogurt shop manager software makes your job easy by providing all the features listed above and many more! Calypso offers barcode scanning, loss prevention technology with integrated DVR systems, and even integrates with Sundrop Mobile platform to engage customers and build a motivated customer base. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways we can help you to achieve yogurt shop management success!

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