Ten Things to Know Before Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Opening a Frozen Yogurt ShopAre you interested in opening a frozen yogurt shop? The ongoing popularity of frozen yogurt shops and ease of operation make them a perfect choice for first time entrepreneurs and newcomers to the restaurant business. With hard work and dedication, a frozen yogurt store can be the business of your dreams. There may be more to operating a frozen yogurt shop than you realize, though. If you are considering embarking on this adventure, be sure to peruse this list of ten things to know before opening a frozen yogurt shop:

  1. Whether you want to open a franchise or independent shop
    A franchise can be a wise choice for first-time entrepreneurs, as it comes with an established customer base, brand recognition, and franchisor support. Downsides include on-going royalties and fees, a loss of control in matters of location, décor, menu items, and more. Perform a frank appraisal of your experience level and capabilities before deciding.
  2. The frozen yogurt business
    While frozen yogurt shops are one of the easier restaurant businesses to open, there is much you need to know, from managing staff and payroll, to marketing, ordering, and tracking sales. Spend some time working in a frozen yogurt shop or find a mentor to show you the ropes.
  3. Your location
    Find a location for your shop with a lot of foot traffic, easy access, and high visibility. A storefront near a beach, park, mall, or theater, with adequate seating room and little competition would be ideal.
  4. Your market
    Hire a market research firm or investigate on your own to ensure that there is a need for a frozen market shop in your area. Gain an understanding of the local customer base, what they are looking for and the needs they have that are not being met.
  5. Your competition
    Investigating your completion can prove quite valuable. Compare going rates to set your own prices, find out what works in their shops, and figure out what you can offer that will make your shop the local destination of choice for frozen yogurt aficionados.
  6. Your frozen yogurt shop’s distinctive quality
    Make your frozen yogurt shop stand out from the crowd by offering an extra value to your customers. Carry organic frozen yogurt and topping options, gluten-free flavors, make a pledge to never serve high fructose corn syrup products, or figure out some other unique appeal.
  7. Current flavor trends
    Frozen yogurt flavors go in and out of style, in the same way that clothing styles do. Spend some time researching restaurant magazines and sites to find out the current flavor trends, and incorporate them into your frozen yogurt offerings.
  8. Local legalities
    Local requirements vary, so make sure you know everything your state and local governments require you to have before you open. Research health and food safety regulations to determine what business permits and inspections you will need to open your shop.
  9. A detailed plan for success
    In order for your shop to succeed, you need to have specific goals and a clear, realistic plan for accomplishing them. Creating a detailed business plan will refine your goals and provide you with a blueprint for how to achieve them.
  10. The best frozen yogurt POS
    Calypso’s frozen yogurt point of sale system is specifically designed to meet the needs of frozen yogurt businesses. Simple and easy to learn for new owners, Calypso’s yogurt shop POS includes an easy to learn touchscreen interface with integrated credit card processing, integrated POS scales, optional tracking of recipes, inventory and ingredients, and employee time clock and labor scheduling. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to start on your way to frozen yogurt shop success!



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