Ten Things to Know Before Opening a Pizza Delivery Shop

Opening a Pizza Delivery ShopCongratulations! You are ready to join the ranks of small business owners by opening your own pizza delivery shop. Pizza continues to be a favorite food of Americans of all ages and tastes, thanks to its ability to change from a traditional Italian slice to exotic upscale fare simply by adding unique toppings. Simple ingredients and easy preparation make pizza shops one of the easier restaurants to operate, making them the perfect choice for new restaurateurs.  Before you open the doors of your new business, however, make sure you are aware of these ten things to know before opening a pizza delivery shop:

  1. How do you make great pizza?
    Whether it is a family relic handed down through the ages or a new concoction you developed this year, your pizza recipe needs to be superb! Experiment with different toppings to find the perfect combination of flavors.
  2. Will you raise funds from financing or partners?
    If you decide to go into business with partners, make sure everyone is clear on the terms of the partnership. Do you see them as silent partners or will they play a larger role? Remember, partners share the risks but they also share in your profits forever. Once you pay back a loan, your business – and your profits – are all your own.
  3. Will you be a franchise or independent shop?
    With a franchise, you benefit from the established name recognition, massive marketing campaigns, and established business model of the large firms, but you sacrifice the ability to customize your ingredients, menu items, and décor. Consider carefully before deciding.
  4.  Do you have enough reserves?
    The number one reason new restaurants fail is underfunding! Put aside enough capital to cover your entire operating expenses for the first six months.
  5. Can you lock in commodity prices?
    Cheese and flour are your most used ingredients; unfortunately, their price can fluctuate wildly. Contract with a food supplier to lock in a set price for these and other essential commodities.
  6. How can you control portions?
    Strict portion control is an essential part of running a profitable restaurant. Use flat bottom ladles for saucing, restaurant scales for portioning dough, and measuring cups for your toppings.
  7. Do you have enough insurance?
    In addition to the building, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance every restaurant must carry, pizza delivery restaurants also need to carry additional liability insurance that covers their drivers while they are working.
  8. How do you run a delivery business?
    Delivery businesses operate at a frenzied pace that can be a bit overwhelming. Spend some time working (ideally managing) at a pizza delivery business before you try to open your own.
  9. What sets your pizza restaurant apart?
    Find something to differentiate your pizza shop and drive business your way, such as using organic ingredients or offering gourmet toppings.
  10. Which pizza delivery POS is best for your business?
    Calypso’s turnkey POS for pizza shops is specifically designed to meet the needs of pizza delivery restaurants, with a powerful customer database that delivers all the information you need, including phone number, address, notations, and Caller ID. The Multiple Orders delivery driver ticket that Calypso features increases customer satisfaction and reduces delivery time by allowing for flexible order delivery. Calypso’s pizza delivery point of sale features integrated payment processing so no extra equipment is needed, and seamlessly integrates with Sundrop Mobile to provide social media marketing power. Contact Calypso at 800-771-7100 today to discover all the ways Calypso can help your pizza delivery shop succeed!
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