Ten Things to Know Before Opening a Juice Bar

Opening a Juice BarThe juice bar business is still booming, continuing to grow as more consumers become aware of the benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle. This surge of popularity, combined with the relatively low start-up costs involved, has encouraged many entrepreneurs to consider starting a juice bar. If offering customers tasty sips of health and wellness appeals to you, opening a juice bar may be the ideal opportunity for you! To help you achieve your juice bar ambitions, we present this list of ten things to know before opening a juice bar:

1. In-depth knowledge of juice ingredients and benefits
Nothing is a bigger draw than a well-informed juicing expert! Research the health benefits of juicing ingredients so you can make personalized suggestions for customers according to their needs.
2. Whether a juice bar franchise is for you
Purchasing a juice bar franchise gives you access to the established recipes, supply lines, established customer base, and proven procedures and resources of the parent company. These benefits can be of great value to first-time entrepreneurs, but they come with a price: ongoing fees, and lack of choice in location, décor, and recipes. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding.
3. Your juice bar’s unique quality
Offer some benefit that sets your juice bar apart, such as using only all organic ingredients or locally sourced produce. Consider offering “juicing consultations” where you formulate the best combination of fruits, veggies, herbs, etc. to achieve your customers’ individual nutrition goals.
4. Reliable supply sources for your juice bar
Fresh fruits and veggies will be the life-blood of your juice bar, so it is critical that you establish several sources that you can rely on to provide you with the freshest ingredients.
5. Your starting line-up
Formulate a menu that offers a good selection of juiced drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, boosts, and wellness shots.
6. The ideal juice bar location
Find a location for your juice bar near a yoga studio, gym, or other area where health-conscious individuals congregate. Consider opening your juice bar inside a popular gym for guaranteed  customer access.
7. A collection of tasty, original recipes
Assemble a good selection of savory, tangy, and sweet tasting juices to appeal to a wide range of customers.
8. How to operate a juice bar
There is more to operating a juice bar than knowing about juices; you need a working knowledge of restaurant operations, everything from managing staff and inventory to tracking sales. Seek a mentor in the business or spend time working at a juice bar to truly learn the business.
9. How to diversify your offerings
To increase your profits, you can add items such as Kombucha ferments and live/raw foods, salads, and healthy snacks to your menu. Supplements and take-home juices are also natural sells for the health-conscious clientele that juice bars attract.
10. The best juice bar POS
A critical component of your success is a robust point of sale system customized for the specific needs of juice bars. Calypso’s juice bar POS has all the features you need, including labor and payroll functionality, inventory management, and integrated credit/debit card processing. Perfect for new entrepreneurs, Calypso’s juice bar point of sale system seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to make accounting chores easy, includes integrated scales and barcode scanning to make selling food items and supplements a breeze, and is straightforward and easy to learn. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s POS for juice bars will help you achieve juice bar success!









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