How Much Does It Cost to Open a Pizza Shop?

Opening a Pizza ShopAre you interested in opening your own pizza shop? The pizza industry in the United States generated a staggering $32 billion in sales last year, so opening a pizza shop could definitely be your ticket to small business success if you have the necessary resources to fund your efforts. Since the number one reason that new restaurants fail is insufficient capital, it is essential that you have enough funding to cover all your start-up costs, plus enough reserves to cover operations for at least three to six months. While some of the expenses you will face when you open a pizza shop are fixed and easy to determine, others can only be ascertained by researching prices in your local area. The following guide will help you get you started:

Franchise Fees: $50,000 to $295,000
Do you want to open a franchise or an independent pizza shop? While franchises offer a variety of benefits, including brand recognition, a proven business model, and established demand, the majority of pizza franchisors require a hefty up-front investment from your personal assets. The initial investment is just the beginning of your financial obligations to your franchisor; you will also be paying monthly franchise fees, national marketing fees, and a percentage of your sales for as long as you own your business.

Basic Pizza Shop Equipment: $21,500 and up
Pizza restaurant equipment prices can vary greatly according to model sizes and features. Purchasing “scratch and dent” equipment or refurbished equipment can easily lower your prices by as much as 50%. Just make sure that any equipment you purchase comes with a warranty for at least six to twelve months.

  • Conveyor Pizza Oven: $8,000 for a freestanding model with room for several pies
  • Pizza Hood: $4,000-$11,000 Available in vented or ventless models to fit your kitchen
  • Pizza Prep Table: $3,000 Refrigerated to keep toppings fresh
  • Display Counter / Warmer  $1,000
  • Commercial Refrigerator: $2,500
  • Soda Dispenser: $3,000 for a six-flavor dispenser

Local real estate market conditions will determine the cost of your pizza shop location. Pricing factors include the size of your shop, whether you plan to offer table service or only delivery and pick-up, and any added fees, such as those levied by malls.

This expense is dependent on the style of pizza shop you are opening and the type of service you will offer.

Other Expenses

  • Pizza Delivery POS System
  • Electronic Menu Boards
  • Utensils / Dishes / Storage Containers
  • Consumables: Pizza boxes, cups, lids, napkins, waxed paper, carriers, etc.
  • Insurance, permits, and fees
  • Deposits (for utilities, etc.)
  • Uniforms
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Signage
  • Food items
  • Drink Supplies
  • Reserves

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