Pizza Shop Business Plan

Pizza Shop Business PlanDo you dream of opening your own pizza shop? 35 million pizzas were sold in America last year, making it the perfect time to turn your pizza shop dreams into reality! An essential step to realizing your goal is drawing up a detailed business plan for your pizza shop. Banks and investors will use it to judge the viability of your business, it will provide you with crucial insight into local market conditions, and it will serve a blueprint for your first few years of business. To help you in this task, we provide the following guide outlining how to write a pizza shop business plan:

  1. Executive Summary
    This is a one to two page synopsis of your pizza shop business plan. It should include the basic outlook, including the size of the market, your business model, and the path you will take to success.
  2.  Company Summary
    Provide a basic company overview: the ownership of the company, its history if you are opening a franchise or your startup plan if you are opening an independent pizza shop, and its location and facilities.
  3. Business Description
    Detail the particulars of your proposed pizza restaurant business. This includes the types of pizza you will offer, the full list of ingredients and toppings you will use, and any other menu items you will offer, such as calzones, etc. You will need to include a description of your location, such as outdoor seating, drive-thru, etc.
  4. Market Analysis
    Identify your target customers and examine their local demographics, determine their needs and investigate their past pizza buying behavior over the last month and year. Use this information to make a fact-based forecast of the potential sales for your pizza shop.
  5. Industry Analysis
    Research the pizza industry using reputable sources, such as Technomic or IBISWorld, then present the current statistics, trends, and forecasts of the pizza market. Be specific.
  6. Competition Analysis
    Provide an in-depth examination of both your direct competition (other pizza shops) and your in-direct competition (other ethnic, quick service, or casual restaurants in the area). Examine their strengths and weaknesses, and explain the particular competitive advantage that will help your restaurant stand out and ensure your success, such as unique toppings, family recipes, organic options, etc.).
  7. Marketing Plan
    Provide details, milestones, and explain the marketing, pricing, and sales strategies you will use. Include a sales forecast for the next three years.
  8. Management Summary
    Show your organizational structure, introduce your management team and the role they will play in your operation. Detail the personnel you plan to employ, including salaries and required hours.
  9. Financial Plan
    Plot out your financial plan for the next three years. Charts provide an ideal way to convey much of the required information, which should include
  • Funding Sources and Amounts
  • Underlying/ General Assumptions
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Balance Sheet

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