Pizza Shop Locations

Pizza Shop LocationsAre you searching for the perfect place to open a pizza shop? The perennial popularity of pizza means opening your own pizza shop could be a wise investment, if you are willing to put in long hours and a lot of hard work. Whether you are opening a pizza shop franchise or are starting your own company, choosing the right location for your pizza shop is of critical importance. A good location can help ensure brisk business and high sales, while a poor choice can make it extremely difficult to turn a profit. There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal site:


Target Market
The first factor you need to consider is the type of pizza you will be serving. Will you be serving authentic New York-style thin crust pizzas or traditional Chicago deep-dish pies? Perhaps you will add a gourmet touch and use the finest ingredients and exotic toppings, in which case a downtown location in the Arts district would be perfect for you. Choose an area where the residents have a demonstrated appetite for your style of pizza. Pizza shops and college students are always a perfect pairing; proximity to a college will provide you with a steady supply of customers for your pizza shop, especially if you offer late-late night delivery.

Pizza shops are often located near each other; your closeness to another shop is not necessarily a deal-breaker since pizza shops have delivery/pick-up and eat-in business. It is possible to saturate a market, though, so look for areas where your pizza offerings will be unique.

Foot traffic
Foot traffic can account for a great deal of business for your pizza shop. Look for a location near a park, beach, or shopping center where customers can readily stop in for a bite. Visit the area at different times of the day to gauge the number of potential customers.

Easy Access & Visibility
Since pizzerias do a great deal of pick-up and delivery business, your pizza shop site should have a large parking lot that is easily accessible. A restaurant that is highly visible will draw in new customers, remind existing customers to stop in, and help with marketing.

Finding a location with a low overhead will give you the room to adjust your profit margins as needed and still receive a reasonable ROI. An expensive location can doom your business if you have to raise you pizza prices to meet expenses.

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