Coffee Shop Business Plan

Coffee Shop Business PlanAre you interested in opening your own coffee shop? If you are like many prospective entrepreneurs, you may need some financial assistance to cover your start-up expenses. Whether you are seeking funds from a financial institution or a private investor, most lenders want to see a clear and concise business plan before loaning you any capital. A detailed business plan will also clarify your goals and provide a solid plan for your first three years in business. To assist you in writing your own coffee shop business plan, we have provided a free outline below.

Executive Summary

  • Product / Services My Coffee Shop (substitute your company name) will provide a selection of organic hot and cold coffees, teas, and beverages, as well as a limited menu of sandwiches and desserts.
  • Financial Info Three partners, Ms. A, Mr. B, and Ms. C have each contributed $x; we are seeking to raise $x through a bank loan.
  • Keys to Success My Coffee Shop will capture a large share of the local beverage market by…. (include your experience/qualifications)
  • Sales Forecast The partners project a strong rate of growth for the first three years, based on (provide charts of projected sales, operating costs, and profits)

Company Description

Describe your company’s offerings, services you will provide, the location (include pros such as large parking lot, etc.), and what will set your company apart.

Company and Financing Summary

  • Company My Coffee Shop is owned by three partners (list partners, share of company each holds, and company type)
  • Financing Needs Our start-up expenses require $x in funding (detail how funds will be used)

Market Analysis

  • Industry The coffee and tea beverage market grew by x% last year, with an expected increase of x% this year. Demand for organic products has risen by x% over the past 3 years, and is projected…
  • Local There is no source for hot organic beverages within 30 miles of our proposed location. A recent survey of local shoppers showed that x% of respondents would definitely purchase said beverages x times a week if they were available locally.
  • Customer Demographics My Coffee Shop target customers are (list customer demographics such as income, pop. size, location, etc.)
  • Competitive Analysis There are x coffee bars in the area, y organic stores in the area, and z similar businesses (research and list companies by name) Customers will choose to patronize My Coffee Shop because (better and different product, etc.)
  • Internal/External Analysis Include a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT/TOWS) analysis chart

Strategy and Implementation

Include management responsibilities, specific goals and milestones with accomplishment dates for your first three years.

Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Objectives My Coffee Shop will establish itself as the top destination for customers seeking hot and cold beverages…
  • Marketing Strategies My Coffee Shop will use… (ads, flyers, social media, etc.)
  • Sales Forecast (provide three year projection of sales based on industry and local market data, competition, etc.)
  • Pricing Strategy (product pricing details)

Management Summary

  • Organizational Chart
  • Biographies of Owners and Key Employees
  • Human Resources Budget Chart

Financial Plan

  • Funding Sources and Amounts
  • Projected Profit and Loss Statements
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Underlying/ General Assumptions (include projected amount of sales, loan percentage rate, and  any other figures used to make projections)
  • Balance Sheet

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