Coffee Shop Locations

Coffee Shop LocationsAre you searching for the perfect place to open your new coffee shop? Your coffee shop’s location will play a large role in determining the ultimate success – or failure – of your business, so it is crucial to find a site that offers the right combination of features. While the need to weigh the merits of prospective locations can make the search for the ideal site seem endless, having a clear idea of the specific features your site should have can greatly simplify your task. To assist you in your endeavor, we provide the following list of factors to consider when choosing your coffee shop location:

Target Market
Before you can choose a coffee shop location, you first need to decide who your target market will be and determine where a large population of those individuals can be found. If you see your coffee shop as a study hall alternative catering to sleep deprived students, find a location near the local college. If operating a busy café offering caffeinated recharges to high-powered executives is for you, head downtown. Seek a location near art galleries and studios if opening a funky hangout for local artists, musicians, and java enthusiasts is your coffee shop dream.

An easily accessible location is an absolute requirement for a coffee shop. If you plan to offer drive-thru service, choose a location where customers can easily get into and out of your parking lot, even during the busiest rush hour traffic. To encourage walk-ins, your coffee shop should be located in an area that sees a large amount of foot traffic, such as a busy downtown street, popular mall, or bustling beachside location.

It is essential to match the size of your coffee shop with the type of establishment you want to open. Are you looking for a small intimate setting where your patrons can relax or a bright and wide-open area where customers can be re-energized? Remember, a building that is too spacious can lose you as many customers as one that is too cramped.

Explore your target area to determine how many coffee shops and similar businesses are nearby. The presence of a similar shop in your general vicinity should not necessarily squash your hopes of coffee shop success, provided you have something unique to offer. Perform a survey to determine whether the local coffee market is saturated, or if there is sufficient demand to support your coffee shop.

Before you start visiting prospective coffee shop locations, you should establish the price range you can afford. Determine the price you will charge for your beverages and products, then figure out the amount of overhead you can carry while still maintaining an acceptable ROI. The lower your overhead costs are, the more flexibility you will have to adjust your profit margins as needed to keep your coffee shop operating as profitably as possible.

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