Ice Cream Shop Locations

Ice Cream Shop LocationsYou have planned every detail of your ice cream shop to ensure it has the best chance of success: you will be using the freshest, best ingredients; offering unique flavors and products; hiring cheerful, efficient staff; and decorating your shop to create the perfect setting for your ice cream creations. Without the right location, though, even the best-planned ice cream shop cannot succeed. There are certain essential elements to consider when searching for the perfect ice cream shop location; the following guide will help you find the best site for your business:

Ideal ice cream shop locations are readily accessible to customers, whether they arrive on foot or by car. Look for an area where a large volume of customers will walk directly in front of your shop and can easily enter, especially if you intend to rely mainly on walk-in customers to support your business. Your parking lot should be easy to enter and leave, even during rush hour, and have parking spaces for enough customers to fill your seating area plus extra spots for take-out business.

A certain percentage of ice cream shop purchases are the result of impulse visits; customers see an ice cream shop, are tempted by the thought of refreshing treats, and stop in for a scoop or two. To take advantage of this, your shop must be clearly visible to passing car and foot traffic.

Research local business before settling on a location for your shop, and choose an area where the ice cream market is not saturated. If you open an ice cream shop in a location where several frozen treat shops are already established, there may not be sufficient demand to support your business.

Customer Base
Situate your ice cream shop near a large population of your target customer or in an area they are known to frequent. Match your site to your target market: a location near a school or college will bring in teens and Millennials, while playground proximity will draw in the family crowd. A shop close to the beach, a pool, or a mall will bring in customers of all ages and tastes.

The appearance of your ice cream shop needs to entice customers to come and try your tasty wares, so choose a location with considerable curb appeal, which presents the image you want to project. The surrounding area has an impact; if neighboring stores are decrepit, people will be leery of venturing into even the most attractive ice cream shop.

Your ice cream shop location should have enough room that patrons can relax and enjoy their frozen treats without feeling crowded by customers waiting on line. Outdoor café tables provide the perfect way to add seating without upping your square footage.

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