Affordable Yogurt Shop POS Solutions

Yogurt Shop POS SolutionsAre you searching for an affordable POS solution for your yogurt shop? Opening a new yogurt shop is an exciting undertaking, but it is also an expensive one. If you are in the process of opening your own yogurt shop, you are discovering just how quickly start-up expenses can add up, leaving you with a dilemma: you know you need a powerful point of sale solution to manage your yogurt shop operations, but you also need to minimize expenses. Fortunately, Calypso’s yogurt shop POS solutions deliver all the features you need for yogurt shop success at a price you can readily afford.

Calypso’s yogurt shop POS solutions are the most affordable in the industry, designed to protect your profitability in a multitude of ways, including:

Minimal Startup Costs
Calypso’s yogurt shop POS requires only a low initial investment to get you up and running, and features straight-forward software and an easy to learn touchscreen interface that reduces training time. Integrated credit, debit, and gift card processing eliminates the need to purchase third party processing equipment or expensive additional phone lines.

Windows-free Operation
A POS system that is unable to operate can seriously damage your yogurt shop’s profitability. Lost sales due to glitches, crashes, viruses, or hacker actions are not a concern when you choose Calypso’s yogurt shop POS, which is safe from these dangers because it operates without Windows. You also are free from the need to pay for costly Windows upgrades and service packs.

Integrated POS Scales
Your turnkey Calypso yogurt store POS includes integrated POS scales that use TARE weights to accurately weigh and price frozen yogurt, automatically reducing the final weight by the weight of the cup. This eliminates the need to re-key manually, which increases the accuracy and speed of service, raising the total amount of sales you can make. You can even program in different cup sizes, to further reduce the risk of time-consuming employee errors.

Time and Payroll Functionality
The highest business expense many yogurt shop owners face is payroll. Calypso helps you keep payroll expenses to a manageable level, with an integrated time clock that controls your employees’ in-and-out times. Accurate schedule tracking helps you to avoid scheduling conflicts and eliminates expensive overtime charges.

Optional Inventory, Recipe, and Ingredient Tracking
Easy to use management features available with Calypso’s POS for yogurt shops can increase your efficiency and aid you in performing essential operational tasks, such as predicting product usage, keeping track of inventory on hand, and compiling order information, so you can know when to schedule deliveries. Ingredient tracking lets you determine usage amounts, which can help you figure menu item ROI.

QuickBooks Integration
Accounting duties are such a time-consuming and distasteful chore that many yogurt storeowners end up hiring outside help, an extra expense which diminishes their profitability. Calypso’s yogurt shop software includes seamless QuickBooks integration, so you can easily transfer sales and order data, and effortlessly balance your books.

As you can see, Calypso’s affordable yogurt shop POS solutions come complete with all the features you need to turn your new shop into a profitable and efficient success! Calypso also has turnkey solutions customized for table service restaurants, quickserve restaurants, and pizza delivery shops, with features that include on the fly menu management, flexible order routing, and more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover just how profitable your new yogurt shop can be!

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