Yogurt Shop POS Scale Integration

Yogurt Shop POS Scale IntegrationChoosing a point of sale system for your yogurt shop is one of the most important business decisions you will make. In addition to needing a reliable, affordable, and simple to use POS system with a full array of features that can help you manage operations at your shop, you also need a speedy way to accurately weigh and price your customers’ yogurt selections, while accounting for the weight of the cups. Trying to perform calculations manually can result in long customer lines, mis-keys, and dissatisfied customers. Calypso’s customized yogurt shop POS provides the perfect solution by including complete yogurt shop POS scale integration for the fastest, most accurate service!

What does complete yogurt shop POS scale integration mean? Simply put, it means that Calypso takes a scale that will accurately weigh your customers’ yogurt selections and merges it with yogurt shop software that subtracts the tare weight (the empty weight of the cups) from the total weight, calculates the price of the merchandise, and adds up the total. All calculations are performed automatically; you can even configure for different cup sizes so there is never a need to manually rekey weight. By removing the need for your cashiers to manually perform calculations, Calypso helps ensure that transactions at your yogurt shop are consistently fast and accurate; your customers enjoy shorter wait times while you process more sales per hour!

In addition to providing you with a seamlessly integrated POS scale, Calypso’s turnkey yogurt shop POS protects your profitability by being the most affordable POS system in the industry. A low initial investment gets you up and running, and since Calypso is designed to work on a single inexpensive computer, there is no need to purchase a cash register. The easy to learn touchscreen interface and straight forward, simple to use software reduces training time, and integrated credit/debit and gift card processing eliminates the need to purchase additional processing equipment.

Payroll is the largest ongoing expense frozen yogurt storeowners face. Time and attendance functionality is built into Calypso’s POS for yogurt stores, so you can easily create and adjust employees’ schedules. Accurate schedule tracking helps you eliminate costly overtime charges and take control of your payroll expenditures. You can easily keep track of employee time and attendance and control your employees’ in-and-out times with the included integrated time clock.

Calypso offers a full array of other essential features, including optional tracking of recipes and ingredients. Inventory management features are available that will keep track of your stock on hand and monitor product usage, so you know when items need reordering and can set up delivery schedules. Since many yogurt shops also offer frozen yogurt cakes, packaged frozen yogurt, and other desserts, Calypso’s  POS for yogurt shops includes barcode scanning capabilities to facilitate and simplify the sale of these items.

In addition to the above abilities, Calypso’s POS system also has integrated QuickBooks support that makes accounting a breeze, even if you are a new owner with your first business. Robust reporting features keep you on top of every aspect of your yogurt shop’s operations, while the integrated gift card and loyalty programs help you build a satisfied customer base. Calypso can even be used with the SunDrop Mobile platform for social media marketing! Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso’s yogurt shop POS solution can help your business become a success!

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