Yogurt Shop POS Support

Yogurt Shop POS SupportStart-up expenses quickly mount when opening a yogurt shop, and some owners may be tempted to purchase a bargain POS system in an effort to lower costs. Many of these cut-rate point of sale solutions contain only the individual POS components, providing no meaningful support to aid owners after the purchase. Any problem that arises with the operation of these POS systems can seriously affect the profitability of the yogurt shops that rely on them, as owners face lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and exorbitant repair fees paid to third-party repair companies. When you purchase a yogurt shop POS solution from Calypso, our dedicated team of professionals provides full-service yogurt shop POS support to ensure your system stays up and running without a hitch!

At Calypso, your profitability is our first concern. Clear and easy to understand instructions are provided with our yogurt shop POS systems, which feature quick and simple installation that makes set-up a breeze. Our training and programming package ensures you and your employees are conversant with every feature of your yogurt shop software, and can quickly and confidently take advantage of all it has to offer.

To ensure your yogurt shop point of sale solution continues to operate efficiently in the future, Calypso offers Full Service POS Help Desk Support as well as Technical Support to all of our customers. Help Desk Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We never use an answering service, so our live, bi-lingual support representatives are always available. Our support representatives employ sophisticated online troubleshooting and diagnosis techniques that enable them to swiftly resolve most problems with just a phone call.

If your problem requires further assistance, or any issues arise with a hardware component of your yogurt shop solution, you can count on Calypso’s local Field Service Technical Support, available around the clock, every day of the year, including holidays. A POS tech support technician will arrive in a fully stocked repair van with an assortment of monitors and hardware, swiftly and efficiently accomplishing any needed repairs. Several support options are available; you choose the POS technical support option that best suits your needs and your budget.

Every detail of Calypso’s yogurt store point of sale solutions are designed to help your business operate efficiently and profitably. Straightforward, easy to use software reduces training time, and integrated credit/debit and gift card processing is included, eliminating the need to purchase additional processing equipment. Calypso’s POS for frozen yogurt shops is built to run on a single, inexpensive computer, with no register required!

Integrated POS scales are included, which use TARE weights to accurately weigh and price frozen yogurt, automatically reducing the final weight by the weight of the cup to eliminate the need to re-key manually. You can even program in different cup sizes to ensure the fastest, most accurate service. Time and payroll functionality reduces the time and effort required to create and adjust employee schedules, helping you to keep track of employee time and attendance to eliminate expensive overtime charges. Integrated credit card processing, optional recipe tracking, and inventory management tools are just a few of the many other features Calypso offers.

With this full set of features, and the dedicated POS support Calypso offers, your yogurt shop will be able to operate profitably for years to come! Calypso also has turnkey POS solutions customized for Quickserve restaurants, table service restaurants, and pizza delivery shops, with features including flexible order routing, loss prevention technology with integrated DVR systems, and more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to discover all the ways Calypso can help ensure your yogurt shop success!

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