Coffee Shop POS Solutions

Coffee Shop POS SolutionsModern coffee shops have progressed far beyond serving a basic hot cup of coffee; today’s baristas need to be able to create complex libations while serving large volumes of customers quickly and accurately. Calypso helps you provide the type of service that will build a loyal following for your coffee shop with a point of sale solution specifically designed to keep up with the fast-paced coffee shop environment. Calypso’s coffee shop POS solutions have all the features you need for coffee shop success, including:

Easy Usability
The straight–forward, intuitive interface provided by Calypso’s coffee shop POS requires only a minimal amount of training time for your new employees to become proficient. Simple, department-driven screens are easy to use, allowing your baristas to focus on creating the complicated drinks your customers crave.

Fast, Accurate Operations
During the early morning rush to work, your customers cannot afford delays from long lines and slow service. Your coffee shop will be able to offer the speediest service with Calypso’s single screen order-to-pay solution, which lets cashiers place an order, authorize credit/ debit/ gift cards, and pay checks all on one screen so they can process transactions quickly and correctly.

Calypso understands that opening a coffee shop is an expensive undertaking; that is why we offer the most affordable coffee shop POS solution on the market, requiring only a low initial investment. Integrated credit/debit/gift card processing is built right into the system, so you never have to purchase outside equipment or install expensive additional phone lines.

Your repeat customers count on your coffee fixes to get them through the day – if your POS solution suffers from crashes, leaving them unable to purchase your caffeinated creations, they are going to find a coffee shop they can depend on. The coffee shop POS solutions offered by Calypso feature Windows-free operation, so your business is safe from hackers, viruses, and glitches.

Drive-Thru Functionality
Your drive-thru customers are in a hurry; they cannot afford to waste time on long lines and incorrect orders. Calypso’s POS for coffee shops features speed of service reporting for drive-thru to help your employees manage order times, and special alerts that can be set to advise of long ticket times. Customized item colors help your employees quickly identify the items they need to prepare to ensure customers’ orders get out in record time.

Cash Drawer Assignment
The fast-paced environment of coffee shops provides many opportunities for larcenous employees to defraud you of your rightful profits. Calypso increases individual accountability with cash drawer assignment, enabling you to assign cashiers to their drawers for hands-only cash responsibility. Unauthorized NO SALE transactions and order entry with open drawer are prevented to reduce employees’ opportunity for theft.

Marketing Support
The best way to ensure your coffee shop success is by engaging your customers and developing a loyal following. Your Calypso coffee shop point of sale system can be seamlessly integrated with SunDrop’s mobile loyalty solution, enabling you to easily use targeted SMS text, email, voice, and social media communications to increase visits and build a devoted customer base.

Are you ready to find out just how profitable your coffee shop can be? Take your coffee shop sales to the next level with Calypso’s versatile coffee shop point of sale solutions, which also offer inventory management features, time and scheduling functionality, seamless QuickBooks integration, and more. Contact Calypso today at 800-771-7100 to start on your way to coffee shop success!

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